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march-15-spot2by Patty Jo Sawvel

Cornerstone Health Care is one of the largest independent physician groups in the state.  Its three Kernersville practices share the trademark commitment to patient partnership with the other 85 practices across the Triad.  In fact, a motivating factor for opening practices in Kernersville came from the large number of residents who were traveling to 20 nearby Cornerstone Health Care practices in Winston-Salem and High Point.

Patients experience true partnership in the way they work with their doctor.  For instance, Pediatrician Leslie Smith knows what it is like to be a busy mom with sick children.  So she carefully structured her business hours to be available from 8:30a.m. to 7p.m. on weekdays, and open from 9a.m. to noon on Saturdays and 2p.m. to 4p.m. on Sundays.

Knowing that time is so critical, Dr. Smith said, “We treat our patients like we would like our children to be treated.  In this expanding and confusing world of healthcare, we try to make things simple.”

She not only makes healthcare simple, she makes it memorable.  Having been in practice since 1993 and serving Kernersville since 2007, Dr. Smith is now caring for second generation patients at 861 Old Winston Road.

Across the hall, at Cornerstone Internal Medicine, Dr. Victoria Nnadi partners with adolescent, adult, and senior patients to achieve their health goals.  To accomplish this, Dr. Nnadi makes time to capture her patients complete history, motivates them to stick to their goals, and even uses her gentle sense of humor to help the medicine go down.

In practice since 1999 with a strong focus on prevention and education, Dr. Nnadi said, “By helping my patients make small changes in their lives, like losing weight, exercising and taking medications properly, we can create positive and long term changes in their overall health.”

She also has a solid reputation for early diagnosis of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.  Guiding her patients to make changes in their diet, exercise, and stress management has allowed some patients to eliminate the need for medication and has reduced the need for visits to specialists.

The third Cornerstone Health Care practice—Ford, Simpson, Lively & Rice Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine—originated in Winston-Salem in 1999 and opened its convenient Kernersville office at 110-A Harmon Lane in 2004.  Known fondly as the “Little House on the Prairie” doctor’s office, patients always see a doctor rather than support staff.

Speaking for herself as well as Dr. Carrie Erickson and Dr. Amy B. Yoder, Dr. Gwyn Ellen Kooy said, “We all have experience in pediatrics, but we also all had children.  In addition to that, one of my five children had childhood cancer, so I know what it feels like to be a parent facing that challenge.”

Along with engaging their patients, helping patients to achieve their goals, and placing a strong emphasis on wellness and prevention, Cornerstone Health Care leverages technology to make medical care easier.  Using a secure online and mobile patient portal, patients can quickly schedule appointments, request prescription refills, communicate with their doctors, and feel a sense of ownership as they manage their medical records.

This patient-centered approach, which is at the heart of Cornerstone Health Care, coupled with follow up telephone calls, keeps patients working on their goals to improve their health.  Patient education—taking time to listen, ask, and answer—motivates patients to accept more responsibility for their wellness and prevents small issues from becoming expensive complications.  All of this results in savings for patients, employers, and ultimately, the nation.

On October 1, 2015, Cornerstone Health Care—along with its 350 physicians across the Triad—will celebrate its 20th anniversary.  Watch for upcoming events in Kernersville.


Cornerstone Internal Medicine at Kernersville

Dr. Victoria Nnadi

861 Old Winston Road Suite 101



Cornerstone Pediatric Associates of Kernersville

Dr. Leslie Smith

861 Old Winston Road Suite 103



Ford, Simpson, Lively & Rice Pediatrics

Dr. Carrie Erickson, Dr. Gwyn Kooy & Dr. Amy Yoder

110-A Harmon Lane



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