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aug-15-spot1by Olivia Richardson

Carolina Athletic Development is the area’s premier specialty athletic performance center.  

Located in Kernersville, and integrated with Carolina Physical Therapy Specialists, Carolina Athletic Development (CAD) is able to accomplish building a stronger, faster, and healthier client.  Over the last 4 years, CAD has helped hundreds of athletes and active adults reach their personal and life goals of maximizing performance, getting fit, and minimizing injury.

Their philosophy is to provide a customized performance and wellness experience that will maximize ability, enhance quality of life, build confidence, and facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Carolina Athletic Development has just unveiled a new innovative training program called LEVELS.  LEVELS was created by Lee Howard PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS.  He integrated assessment strategies common in the sports physical therapy world with performance strategies common to the elite sport performance arena.  This system determines an individual’s LEVEL of strength, mobility, fitness, and performance that exists in the upper body, core, lower body, and cardiovascular system.  The program also takes into account injury history and pain.  LEVELS evaluates and scores these areas independent of one another and then collectively to determine the most effective way to begin training.  After the LEVELS score is determined, the fun begins.  Athletes get faster, stronger, and more fit.  Young and older adults improve their strength, learn how to manage aches and pains, become more mobile, and feel better throughout the day.  The primary goal in the CAD LEVELS system is to maintain optimal upper body, lower body, and core health and performance ratios.  Think of it as keeping the body in the best state of balance possible.

This is one of the key differentiating qualities that makes CAD a unique experience.  The other is the close relationship with Carolina Physical Therapy, at the same location, which gives the client the opportunity for specialized treatment to release tension or pain and improve mobility.

CAD athletes are treated to a private and small group training system that is open to middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes looking to achieve their maximum potential.  Weekend warriors and adults looking to improve general fitness can also find specialized programs that will help them feel better, look better, and move better.

A program can only be as good as the people who deliver it.  At CAD you will be training under the direction of some of the most experienced and educated staff in the region.  Chris Ganser, Strength and Conditioning Director, has a strong background in exercise science and psychology.  He has an established history of success with professional athletes, elite college athletes, and high school individuals and teams.  Chris is also a cancer survivor whose work ethic, story, and passion for health and performance help CAD clients get to the next level.

For more information about Carolina Athletic Development please visit their website,                     www.CADAthletes.com or www.CarolinaPT.com.  You may also call 336-992-2787.

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