Student Athlete of the Month: Elena Davis

By Alya Jarvis, Sophomore at Glenn High School

As a senior at Glenn High School, Elena Davis has spent a great deal of her early mornings in a swimming pool. This was her very first year of swimming and she enjoyed every moment of it.

I became inspired to swim because of my brother,” Elena stated. She was very driven and had many motives that pushed her every swim meet. “Jumping into a freezing pool at six o’clock in the morning was my least favorite part about swimming,” Elena shared. But she was determined to reach her goals. A very supportive and courageous Elena was always there to pick her teammates up. She is a spontaneous student who loves her teammates and thoroughly enjoyed swimming. Coach Hefner, Head Coach of the GHS Swim Team, shared this about Elena: “In class, and even in the water, she always did what she needed to do. Without question, she is an amazing student and I am wishing her the best after high school.”

High school swimming will not be the end of Elena’s accomplishments. After graduating from high school, Elena wants to go to college and get a degree in Biology. She would eventually like to do something dealing with research.

She has always been an enthusiastic student and teammate and is always pushing herself to success. Elena, a soon graduate of Glenn High School, strives to become an even more avid learner in college and wishes nothing but the best for her teammates in the upcoming season.

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