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Helping people look their best is the life work of Silvana Leal, owner of Feather Touch Permanent Makeup and Beauty Salon. Silvana has been helping women look their best for the past fifteen years and now has opened a specialty beauty salon in Kernersville. Feather Touch is the most comprehensive beauty salon in the community, with many more services than just customary hair care. Feather Touch is the only Kernersville salon offering permanent makeup solutions for cosmetic enhancement.

Permanent makeup is a relatively new process that has gained popularity in the last twenty-five years. Permanent makeup is often referred to as micropigmentation, with specially formulated pigments applied to the second layer of skin, the dermis. Because it is applied one layer deep, it creates a natural, soft color appearance that does not wash or rub off over time. A woman can wake up in the morning and jump into her day without spending substantial time in front of the mirror. The treatments only require a touch up a few months after the original application and then a retouch every few years.

The most common permanent makeup procedure Silvana performs is called microblading, which creates the natural look of eyebrows by drawing each hair separately. Microblading is particularly helpful for customers who have hair loss of their eyebrows. Her clients range from age 18 – 75 years old. The patient’s eyes look natural without the worry that eyebrows will disappear, smear, or smudge as would happen with externally applied makeup. In essence, it provides a lasting natural, “no makeup” appearance.

Other permanent makeup applications include eyebrow shading, eyeliners, eyelash extensions, lip liners, and lip augmentation. The salon also offers body wraps, body waxing, and body contouring.

Permanent makeup is particularly helpful for women with visual impairment or unsteady hands from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or other degenerative diseases. Only licensed technicians with extensive training and practice can apply permanent makeup. Silvana has it all: Associate’s degree, licensed cosmetologist, licensed tattoo artist, and she is a licensed Permanent Makeup Technician. Silvana has been recognized as a Hair Colorist par Excellence.

She has trained extensively in Toronto, Canada, Central America, and in the United States. She considers herself a life-long learner in the art and science of personal beauty.

Her greatest number of clients come in for hair treatment, including women’s haircuts, hair coloring, highlights, and blow dry hair styling, performed by either Silvana or Norma, her assistant. Also popular is the Keratin treatment for damaged and frizzed hair.

In the long list of services, Feather Touch Salon offers facials, gold and clay exfoliation masks, body scrub, body rubs, and deep pore cleansing. The salon stocks Tel Skin Care products, considered to be some of the best natural skin care products on the market today.

A key reason why women seek micropigmentation is for convenience, because it eliminates spending time applying external makeup. It also alleviates the skin irritation for people with sensitive skin or allergies that are affected by external cosmetics. Also, some people have difficulty applying external makeup or do not like the way it looks. Permanent makeup is ideal for women with active, outdoor lifestyles. It is also a solution for people with hair loss from chemotherapy, accidents, burns, or cosmetic surgery.

Kernersville is the perfect location for her business. Kernersville is a community with a heart. Moving her business from Winston-Salem to Kernersville fulfilled the goal of operating a salon where she is able to spend time with her customers in a relaxed, caring atmosphere. Silvana said her customers are like family. They constantly tell her, “It is so relaxed here.” One of her long-time customers is Mayra Rice, who comes in frequently for hair coloring and facials. Mayra said she recommends Silvana to all her friends. Mayra added, “The Kernersville salon is more professional and intimate.” Mayra enjoys the music and sipping tea while waiting for her appointment time. “Silvana is a sweet person, and always trying to please people.”

A native of Uruguay, Silvana is bi-lingual, with Spanish speaking customers comprising 50% of her clients. Even her website offers both English and Spanish translations. Her background allows her to be successful in working with people of Spanish descent because they have a different texture to their hair.

Silvana’s heart also extends to cancer survivors. She understands them because cancer has struck her extended family. Silvana takes particular pleasure in seeing the smiles of cancer survivors when she is able to bring back their natural appearance. Silvana also charges less for procedures for cancer survivors. “It is about serving people and helping them to feel better about themselves.”

Feather Touch Permanent Makeup and Beauty Salon is located at 118-A South Cherry Street, at the corner of West Mountain and Cherry streets. As soon as you walk into the salon you can feel the relaxed atmosphere, with gentle Christian music playing and soft pastel artwork on the walls. She lives up to that atmosphere with pleasant conversation. Often, “God puts in her head to speak to people about faith.”

Feather Touch Permanent Makeup and Beauty Salon is open from 8 AM – 5 PM. Appointments are necessary for all services. To schedule an appointment, call 336-902-9581. Calls can be answered in both English and Spanish. A summary of the salon services can be found on her website, From now through May 15 Feather Touch is offering 30% off a first time microblading procedure and 20% off a first-time hair color and highlight appointment.

Permanent Cosmetics is the ideal solution for women of all ages who want to look their best and enhance their professional image. True beauty comes from inside the person – a pleasant personality and winning smile. Feather Touch Permanent Makeup and Beauty Salon can help with that.

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