Student Athlete of the Month: Jai Black

By Will Marvill

The seniors here at East Forsyth High School could not be happier with their very own class president and student athlete, Jai Black! He wants the best for the seniors and he represents them very well with a positive outlook on all situations. Along with being the senior class president, Jai is also a very talented lacrosse player here at East Forsyth and a great fit for the midfielder position. He always strives for greatness and keeps pushing the team to get as many wins this year as they can.

When asked about being the president for his fellow seniors, Jai replied, “It means the world to me to be the class president. To be chosen for my class and to represent the school is truly an honor and I am thankful for the opportunity.” His passion for the game of lacrosse exceeds past many of his teammates. He loves the game and he is more than happy to play for his school. When asked what he enjoys the most about the game he said, “I really just enjoy the freedom of play in lacrosse. There is a lot of fluidity in each game that really makes things exciting and eventful at any time.” We also interviewed his teammate to get another perspective on his game. Alden Lindstrom (’18) commented on Jai’s game and his friendship with him. “Jai is a great teammate to have because he is always trying to motivate us to get the win…with his actions on and off the field. When he makes a big play he stays calm and holds us all together as a team so we can dig in and win. All teammates need to have a strong friendship and Jai is friendly to the whole team.” Lacrosse is a game that is always shifting around the field and Jai is always doing his best to lead his team forward.

Jai is used to being a leader from being a captain on the field during lacrosse season and he took those skills to the office when he took over as the class of 2017 class president. He always does the school announcements here at East and he is ready to take his leadership to college with him. Jai is planning to attend Clemson University and major in sports communication. He is very humbled to be chosen as the May Kernersville Magazine Student Athlete of the Month. We wish him the best with these next big steps he is about to take in his life at Clemson and his future career in athletics. He is bound for success in life and he is always ready to take a new challenge head on. Thank you Jai Black for all your hard work and what you have done for East Forsyth High School!

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