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By Chelsea Pyne


More times than not, it is the little things we remember. Small details have loud voices, so it is important those details relay good memories. Your home is not just a place where you reside; it is an extension of who you are. It is a canvas for expressing yourself. The home can be a creative sanctuary, a temple, a halfway point, a safe place, a rest stop…no matter what your home is to you, it nevertheless becomes an extension of yourself.

For this reason, Kernersville locals Justin and Cheri Lingafelt started Accent Prone in 2012. Known as a top stop for decorating a room, Accent Prone offers much more than conventional furniture pieces. With a growing boutique, fashion section, and stocked warehouse, Accent Prone is honing in on all the details that turn a house into a home. The whole essence of Accent Prone is to create a happy experience around designing a customer’s home (or office, business, property–you name it). The Lingafelts ensure that the experience of filling your space is a meaningful, evolving process that identifies with your personal style. What if you do not have the greatest style? Well, leave that for the Accent Prone experts to handle.

But first, what does it mean to be Accent Prone? As defined by Justin and Cheri, it is one who is inclined to have a desire for representing a trend or style, especially in relation to furniture, décor, jewelry, and/or fashion. Synonyms: fashionable, trendy, up-to-date, stylish, chic, attention to detail. The name developed from the phrase ‘Accident Prone’. Justin added, “We coined the phrase “Accent Prone” to describe something you are. We want our business to be more than just a store specializing in exciting accent pieces. Accent Prone is something you are and a way of living life.”

Accent Prone features an evolving boutique with unique gifts, a large array of jewelry, select clothing, fashion pieces, and more. Conveniently located in front of the Target shopping center, Accent Prone is an easy choice when looking for a present of any sort (including their signature complimentary gift wrap). In addition to jewelry and clothing pieces, handmade candles, serving ware, a collection of funny and inspirational handmade barn wood quote signs, coffee mugs, accessories, and accent pieces are all available. Cheri has even designated one wall in the store as the “man cave” for the special guy in your life. There is also a small area of baby and children’s gifts, clothing pieces, books, and more. Cheri explained, “We are always expanding our boutique collections and attending several fashion markets across the US every year on the hunt for the most unique items. Being a boutique, we only carry a few of each piece, ensuring your style is unique to you.”

September is an exciting time of the year for Justin and Cheri because it is furniture market season. The duo has just started collecting this year’s market samples for the High Point Fall Furniture Market. Cheri added, “We get lots of new products this time of year, so if you are looking for the latest pieces, this is a great time to shop with us.” She went on to explain that many are not aware of Accent Prone’s 12,000sqft warehouse in downtown Kernersville stocked with furniture market samples. Although the warehouse is not open during regular business hours, there are special events and huge blowout “warehouse sales” throughout the year. The warehouse holds larger pieces that are not carried in the store such as sofas, sectionals, upholstery, bedroom collections, and dining tables. Follow or subscribe to the mailing list to find out when the warehouse opens.

The essence of Accent Prone is a direct reflection of Justin and Cheri’s own style, which has been influenced by this small, southern town, as well as their passion for traveling abroad. “Justin and I are from Kernersville, born and raised, so when it came time to pursue our dream and open our business we wanted to do it right here. We feel so blessed to be able to contribute to our hometown, and love being able to watch Kernersville grow. As a small business, we are able to create relationships with our customers and we now have so many great friendships through our store,” Cheri added.

Justin and Cheri appreciate Kernersville so much that as a way to celebrate turning five this year, they held a 5K giveaway: $1,000 for each year of business. The winners were Nick and Katie Riddle. The Riddles recently returned home from Nigeria with two children and a third on the way. The Accent Prone team jumped at the opportunity to help the family get ready for expansion by outfitting a new baby room and kids room. Cheri explained that the reason for their past success is due to the expertise and constant support from her father and staff. “My dad, Terry Bull, was instrumental in helping Justin and I open Accent Prone, and many now know him as our warehouse salesman. Julie and Crystal (store manager and social media specialist) are absolutely incredible and we would not be able to do this without them. Sales Associates Baylee and Sky are lovely and each bring their own talents. We are so blessed to have such an incredible staff. Customer service is our focus and we hope that each person feels welcome and at home when they walk through our doors.”

Accent Prone is located at 1030 S. Main Street in Kernersville. Stop in the store and see what is trendy this month. “You will be most happy with your home when you have curated it over time, creating memories along the way. There is no need to shop down the street at a ‘big box store’ and having to settle for mass-produced furniture,” Cheri added. For more information, call 336.310.4753 or visit

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