The Comprehensive Practice of Intelligent Movement

By Bruce Frankel

You might have heard the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking” but might not be aware of the significant health issues and harm that the lack of movement does to our bodies. Movement is linked to every function and process in the body. For example, lack of movement within a joint leads to stiffening and tightening of the surrounding musculature, tendons, and ligaments which can lead to difficult movement or discomfort when moving.
Therefore, it is no surprise that Pilates has become one of the fastest growing activities to help address and correct this issue. As Claire Vogt, the owner of The Mindful Bodi Movement Center in Kernersville explains, “Pilates is a comprehensive form of exercise that focuses attention on the deep core and postural muscles that support and stabilize the spine and pelvis. It encourages awareness of the breath and the alignment of the body, and the strengthening of the powerhouse.”

After personally experiencing the incredible transformation and benefits of how Pilates improved her health and well-being, Claire not only became a certified instructor but her passion has pushed her to consistently invest in continued education so she can be the best for her clients. She has earned three different Pilates training certifications as well as specialized certifications to better help those with neurological conditions. In all, Claire has accumulated well over 800 hours of training and continuing education and she has no plans to slow down.

“When I created The Mindful Bodi Movement Center in the bonus room of my home in 2011, I always knew I wanted to work within a space that appreciated and honored intelligent movement.” Claire explained, “The thing is, I teach Pilates and that is where my passion is, that is where I want to put my energy to be the best teacher I can possibly be to my clients and for my community.”

But Claire’s focus and vision went beyond just being a great Pilates instructor. “I needed to find others that I could work alongside that were just as passionate and dedicated to their form of intelligent movement of choice. People that could embrace working together not in competition but together to help our clients’ bodies move and feel as best as possible.”

Today, The Mindful Bodi Movement Center located on Shields Park Drive, delivers this comprehensive approach. In addition to the extensive Pilates program offered by Claire,
two additional intelligent movement businesses operate within the wellness studio.

Fleming Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, owned and operated by Candy Fleming and Complete Motion Therapy, owned and operated by Bethany Harry. Candy Fleming of Fleming Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork is an anatomy and kinesiology specialist who is skilled in therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, and is a passionate teacher of true yoga. Bethany Harry, of Complete Motion Therapy, holds a Master’s degree in physical therapy and over 10 years of experience. She is also a licensed massage therapist. Bethany specializes in working with athletes of all levels, seniors, work injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

“We are all movement educators, passionate about movement, form and the principles of the work.” Claire continued, “We have a deep passion for what we teach and we love sharing that enthusiasm by providing our clients with personalized attention to help them achieve their goals. We have the collective resources necessary to deliver the best customized approach.”

The true measure of Claire’s success is the fact that referrals to the Mindful Bodi Movement Center make up the largest percentage of new clients.

As Anna from Greensboro explained, “I started taking Pilates classes in January and within the last five months I feel stronger than ever. Initially, I wanted to focus on building upper back strength due to back pain. After two months of consistent classes, I no longer experienced back pain. I did not realize all the benefits of Pilates until recently. I have gained so much core strength and am doing exercises that I never thought I would be able to do. One added bonus is that I can finally walk in high heels without hurting myself! My back, core, legs and ankles are the strongest they have ever been. Claire has really worked hard to target my weakest areas. She takes time to plan each session to focus on my areas of concern. I am so thankful to have found such a caring and dedicated Pilates instructor.”

Pilates exercises unite mind and body through controlled breathing and a carefully crafted sequence of movements. Movements are performed on a machine that provides external resistance as you push, pull, and twist through the series which is why having the right instructor makes all the difference. The workouts start with your feet and work up the entire body. In Pilates, everything flows from the powerhouse/core and is activated by the breath. It is heavily focused on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which can lead to improved posture, better balance and more stability, especially when in motion. As Claire will tell you, it takes ‘Practice, Persistence and Patience’.

Although there are several small classes available, Claire strongly recommends individual sessions to begin a Pilates practice. To learn more, contact the studio at (336) 904-0082 or visit the website at

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