Meeting the Leadership

By Chris Comer

Our community, the place we call home, continues to grow both intentionally and thoughtfully. We are very fortunate to have dedicated residents that choose to run for elected positions. Kernersville continues to grow because of the common interest for our community to be a great place to visit, live, work, and play. We have a very unique town in this way…thanks to everyone working so hard together toward our goals.
Every two years in our community we have the opportunity to hear from candidates running for Alderman and Mayor. This year is no different.
Elected officials in our community listen to citizens, make important decisions, and guide our town. We have been fortunate to have many individuals that are dedicated to keeping Kernersville in tip-top shape. Without the guidance and voices of our citizens, there would be no progress to our town. We all depend on each other to become better.
Our quaint town of Kernersville is growing, and the many decisions that have to be made are done so by our elected officials. We have five Alderman and one Mayor. Each office has a two-year term. Their primary responsibilities include planning for future development and zoning property accordingly, approving the ordinances that comprise the laws of the Town of Kernersville, setting the property tax rate, approving the budget for the Town of Kernersville government, and the hiring and contracting of the Town Manager and Town Attorney. Although somewhat technical, these topics help define our town and are very important to our daily functions. They affect every resident in Kernersville, so if you have a comment or suggestion, this is the perfect place to get or give feedback.
There are eight candidates for Alderman, four incumbents, and four new candidates that want to hear from you this year. Our Mayor, Dawn Hickey Morgan, is running unopposed for re-election.
During the Municipal Candidates Forum, we mix questions from the audience as well as receive questions prior to the event. So this is an opportunity to not only be heard, but to be answered. The event starts at 6 PM on Tuesday, October 17 at Town Hall.
The Chamber’s Governmental Affairs committee organizes and runs the Forum along with the Senior Enrichment Center. This year’s moderator will be Dana Caudill Jones who will ask the candidates questions. Each candidate will have an opening statement, responses to the questions, and a closing statement.
There will be a second opportunity to meet the candidates on Thursday, October 19. The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is hosting the Corks ‘N Candidates event. The Corks ‘N Candidates is an opportunity to talk with the candidates in a more relaxed atmosphere. This year’s event will be held at the Brewer’s Kettle. What a great way to talk casually in a laid back setting. Getting to know our neighbors and decision-makers is necessary for our town to be prosperous. Working together is the key to Kernersville becoming the best small town we can be.
We are looking forward to you participating in both of these events. Everyone is welcome. For more information visit or call 336-993-4521.
Those running for a position are:
Dawn Hickey Morgan
Alderman Candidates:
Deborah Albert (Debbie)
Bruce Boyer
Kenny Crews
Michael Enscore
Jenny Fulton
Irving Neal
Joe Pinnix
Chris Thompson

Municipal Candidates Forum – Admission is free.
October 17 from 6 – 8:30 PM
Kernersville Town Hall
134 East Mountain Street

Corks ‘N Candidates – Admission is free.
October 19 at 5 PM
The Brewer’s Kettle
308 East Mountain Street

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