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PRdec13By Bruce Frankel

Recently opened in downtown Kernersville, The Traveling Bean brings an enriched coffee shop experience to anyone searching for a great cup of coffee. Thanks to owners Kyle and Ellen Burge, you can walk in anytime they are open and discover your perfect cup of coffee.

The combination of Kyle’s zealous appreciation for creating the best coffee along with his love of Kernersville makes this coffee shop a wonderful and welcoming place to stop in and enjoy a comforting and relaxing moment in your day.

The friendly atmosphere and interior design will be appealing to anyone who walks through the door which is one of Kyle and Ellen’s objectives. Whether you are a business person on a break, a family on an afternoon stroll, or a group of friends looking to meet and catch-up, The Traveling Bean is the place for you.

However, what truly makes this coffee shop unique is Kyle Burge’s enthusiasm for making sure you walk out with a smile and a satisfying cup of coffee. Most people are unaware of the complexities associated with making a great cup of coffee. But the good news is that once you speak with Kyle, you will have a new awareness and appreciation for the intricacies that can positively impact the quality of the beverage.

One of the first things that Kyle will mention is that everybody has their own unique taste and as any great barista connoisseur will do, he will give you different samples while soliciting your feedback to help you find what you favorite coffee is if you are not sure.

Of course, great coffee starts at the beginning where the coffee is sourced. Kyle has developed partnerships with key importers of regional farmer cooperatives to purchase the specific beans he knows his customers will enjoy. As the only Kernersville coffeehouse that roast their beans on-site, Kyle will take these raw green specialty beans and use his acquired skills to magically work the roasting process by monitoring the changes in color and smells. Through this hands-on process, he is able to bring out certain flavors and characteristics to create the desired blend for those beans. And to add to the coffee’s freshness, a low inventory of coffee beans are maintained so the rotating stock can be roasted soon after they arrive in the shop.

Some of the major coffees The Traveling Bean produces are: Guatemala (creamy, walnut, citrus tasting), Sumatra (cherry, smoky, dark chocolate tasting), Espresso Blend (caramel, chocolate, sweet finish tasting) and Colombian (Cream, smooth, milk chocolate tasting). Plus there are two recent additions you cannot pass up, Ethiopian (floral, sweet and very bright taste) and Christmas Blend (hints of chocolate with a sweet caramel finish) coffees that are perfect for the holidays.

Of course, there is a wide selection of espresso drinks such as cappuccino, lattes, mochas, and iced drinks. If you prefer, you can order an espresso con panna (espresso – with a dollop of whip cream on top to help cut the bitterness with some sweet whip cream), an espresso macchiato (espresso with a dollop of foam on top) or an espresso ristretto (a traditional shot of espresso that is pulled for less time than what you would normally do. This produces a more concentrated beverage that is a little more intense with less cream on top.) There are even a couple of kid drinks, light snacks and teas to round out the menu offerings.

Personalizing the gift of coffee…
Since coffee is one of those things that most people like to drink, it has become a very popular gift item. People enjoy receiving gourmet coffee to supplement the regular coffee they drink every day. At The Traveling Bean, they can easily recommend and help you match the right coffee for the person.

Not only can you purchase distinct and special coffee blends for gifts, but The Traveling Bean can even package their coffee in custom printed labeled bags that you can personalize for any occasion or event to make the recipient even more appreciative of the uniqueness of the gift. For example, who would not love to receive a pound of specialty coffee with a picture of their grandchild on the label?

In addition to gift giving, The Traveling Bean also provides wonderful fundraising opportunities for non-profit groups. From creating specific coffee for a cause where part of the proceeds go to the charity, Kyle will make his coffee shop available for meetings and fundraising events.

More than a place to grab a cup of coffee…
Kyle is not only proud of his lifetime roots in Kernersville, but his compassion for his community is one of the driving forces behind The Traveling Bean. Kyle enjoys personally talking to each client that comes in and it is clear through his interactions how much he enjoys getting to know the patrons as well as making sure they walk out with a smile and a good cup of coffee. It is also important to Kyle and his wife Ellen that their coffee shop is family-kid friendly so not only will you see people working on their tablets and laptops but you might even see some children playing in the child section of the shop.

Kyle is also working with the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce to help attract more visitors to downtown Kernersville as well as being a resource/location for other business people to connect and work together.

Planned future entertainment events at The Traveling Bean will include music nights, movie showings, and lecture presentations, along with offering board games and meeting areas for those who are interested.

With ample parking around back and across the street, The Traveling Bean is a great place to start your downtown Kernersville visit. Located at 126A S. Main Street, you can also learn more by visiting their website or better yet, just drop by Monday to Saturday from 8:00am until 5:00pm. As a smiling Kyle is proud to tell you, “You will not find a better cup of coffee for the price.”

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