Resolution Ideas for the New Year

Drink more water.
Lower your sugar intake.
Put your phone away before bed.
Start your morning with a stretching routine.
Clean out your closet.
Send thank you cards.
Go to bed on time.
Floss daily.
Listen to music instead of watching tv.
Focus on your goals and the big picture.
Make your own coffee.
Try something new.
Eat family meals together.
Call the ones you love.
Take a trip.
Move more, sit less.
Increase the time you spend outdoors.
Clean your laptop/computer keyboard.
Delete unused apps on your phone.
Keep a bag of essential items in your car in case of emergency.
Organize, print, and display your photos.
Eat slower, chew longer, enjoy every bite.
Clean up your inbox.
Quit one bad habit.
Do something adventurous…go skydiving, rock climbing, hang gliding, etc.
Smile/Laugh more.
Take a long, relaxing bath.
Get a pet.
Help someone in need.
Share your time, your talents, your resources.

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