Life in Focus: Your Vision – Our Passion

By Bruce Frankel

“Our philosophy of caring for our patients will remain.” Dr. Harper said as she proudly added, “We are blessed to be partnering with a network which allows us to continue the mission that began this practice ten years ago and look forward to keeping our patient’s eyes healthy and well for generations to come.”

Over the course of the last decade, Overton and Dr. Amy Harper have established their optometry services practice, Harper Eye Care, into a premier eye health service provider for the Kernersville community. Their success and local recognition is a result of their professionalism, integrity and long-standing commitment to serving their patients, staff and the community they live and work in.

Due to the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, along with the opportunity to take advantage of enhancements in state-of-the-art medical technology, the Harpers have recently merged Harper Eye Care with Triangle Visions Optometry to ensure the longevity of their business for many years to come. With a shared philosophy grounded in family and faith, they believe in relational optometry for their patients’ lifelong vision needs.

This significant and thoughtful decision was based on the importance of maintaining their focus on exceptional patient-centered care, providing comprehensive staff support and serving the needs of the greater Kernersville community. “The personal care that our patients have come to expect will be the same, only better, ” Dr. Amy Harper explained, “Dr. Orr and I are committed to continuing to serve our patients and their families for many years to come. We now have access to even newer equipment that will continue to keep us on the cutting edge of new technology.”

As part of Triangle Visions 15 locations statewide, the Kernersville office can take advantage of enhanced purchasing power to better serve their patients. Two new pieces of equipment which were recently added as a result of the merger include an Optos retinal imaging machine and a Lipiflow dry eye and MGD machine. The Optos retinal imaging machine is used to discover, diagnose, and treat ocular pathology and can allow the doctors to see 50% more of the retina when compared to other conventional image devices. Lipiflow is a revolutionary procedure to treat dry eyes and Meibomian Gland Disorder (MGD) by opening and clearing blocked glands, allowing the body to resume the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for the tear film.

Just as important to the Harpers was the opportunity to use this combined network to negotiate better deals with existing insurance providers, as well as being able to accept several insurance plans that they once were unable to, like United HealthCare Vision.

For their loyal and dedicated staff, the new partnership with Triangle Visions offers additional benefits and resources, including more training opportunities. As Dr. Harper explained, “It means my staff will have better benefits, like medical, dental, and more vacation days, which is hard for a small practice to provide but they absolutely deserve. We have a great staff, and I am committed to keeping this experienced group to ensure our patients continue to receive the care from the people they have come to know and trust.”

Bill Tener, Triangle Visions President and CEO also commented on the benefits of Harper Eye Care joining Triangle Visions. “The positive impact that they have in the town of Kernersville is truly extraordinary; we could not be more excited to welcome them into the Triangle Visions family of providers.” Mr. Tener continued, “Most importantly, Harper Eye Care, now Triangle Visions Optometry of Kernersville, is a phenomenal organizational fit for Triangle Visions. We are fully committed to growing with partners and providers who share our passion for independent eye care and a uniquely exceptional standard of care. Dr. Amy Harper and her husband, Overton, have done a phenomenal job of fostering an excellent standard of care as well as a love of their local community amongst the entire staff.”

Triangle Visions Optometry is a member of Vision Source, North America’s largest network of independent optometrists. “Being a member of Vision Source allows us to offer several of the most sought-after vision care brands and to provide our patients with the most advanced vision care available,” stated Dr. Tony Clark, Chief Medical Officer for Triangle Visions Optometry. Vision Source doctors are on the leading edge of eye health care technology. Due to the size of the Vision Source network and the prestige of its members, manufacturers often look to Vision Source doctors first to introduce new instruments and diagnostic equipment.

No matter who you are, annual eye exams are important for correcting any visual clarity issues, being able to meet the demands of work or school, and preserving your vision for life. Start the New Year off right, and contact Triangle Visions Optometry of Kernersville to schedule your appointment with Dr. Harper or Dr. Orr today.

You can stop by their office at 853 Old Winston Road, Kernersville, call them at 336.993.3930, as well as visit them online at to learn more.

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