Make Your Healthy Lifestyle Change!

By Bruce Frankel

There are many reasons why people today look to join a fitness center. It could be for weight control, muscle building, health, stress relief, or just because the experience it provides makes us feel good about ourselves.

With all the different options available to residents of Kernersville, it is nice to know that there is one facility that provides the most comprehensive and professional support. Welcome to The Fitness Center at Kernersville where their mission is, ‘to provide exceptional fitness services and improve quality of life for the community’.

Owned and operated by High Point Regional, their state of the art facility offers a wide range of amenities for members to meet their health and fitness goals.

“It is rewarding for me to help people become excited about working and reaching their goals,” commented Kristen Douglas, Coordinator of Regional Wellness for The Fitness Center. “We maintain a stress-free atmosphere that makes it not only comfortable for members to be here, but hopefully, they will have fun doing it too.” It is Kristen’s down-to-earth style and friendly communication that makes it so easy for people of all ages, and with different interests, to seek her guidance and encouragement.

Located at 861 Old Winston Road in Kernersville, The Fitness Center is a standout facility due to the quality and scope of their offerings. This includes: beautiful indoor/outdoor pools, whirlpool and sauna, over 40 pieces of cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights, two gymnasiums for basketball or volleyball, indoor/outdoor walking track, three racquetball courts, pickleball, aerobics studio and cycling room, locker/towel facilities, childcare, and an array of 50 classes per week tailored for individuals at every fitness level.

One of the first things you notice when you walk into The Fitness Center is cleanliness. From the front entrance, to the exercise rooms, the pool area as well as the locker rooms; the staff takes a team approach to making sure there is a clean and healthy environment at all times. The spacious appearance not only creates a comfortable workout area, but the additional emphasis on safety is a result of both the diligent staff and the regular maintenance that all the professional equipment receives.

However, it is the quality of the staff Kristen has put together that provides the biggest benefit. From the first day Kristen began her management role 6 years ago, when High Point Regional UNC healthcare took over the facility, she has focused on creating a community support approach to effectively meet the needs of the individuals, family, and friends that make up Kernersville’s diverse population.

To help accomplish this objective, the staff has a wide range of expertise in fitness as well as exercise physiology and sports science. Each exercise specialist has over a decade of experience during which they have learned to advise, inspire, and motivate anyone who is interested in making the most of their workout and conditioning. Just as every person is uniquely different, so is the right fitness program. Customization helps members achieve their goals and create the healthy lifestyle that is right for them.

“I love working with seniors and watching them prove that it is never too late to start exercising and see incredible improvements,” stated exercise specialist Onika Jones. “I love to brag that they are some of our healthiest and most committed members, and have better balance than folk’s half their age!”

“Our staff takes time to bond with our members just as some of our members will form friendships with fellow exercisers who have similar interests.” Kristen pointed out, “We get to know everyone’s personalities so we know where to provide the best support and accountability. The staff will even introduce members to another member if they see a potential connection.”

“All of our exercise specialists also provide functional training that many fitness instructors miss.” Kristen explained, “This is a ‘simple’ training method that individuals do not realize have great benefits, especially for everyday activities, core, balance, and prevention of injuries.”

Since it is not unusual for a member to focus on their initial goal and objective and only use a few machines, the staff will also take time to introduce members to some of the many other offerings that might be of interest and benefit. Some of the additional services available are nutrition counseling, personal training, massage therapy, swim lessons, junior fit classes, and educational seminars with topics relating to health and well-being as well as weight-loss programs.

You will not find a bigger proponent of The Fitness Center at Kernersville than Shannon McGraw. “This gym has saved my life,” Ms. McGraw explained. “I joined in July 2007 and I was ‘huge.’ I had retired and needed to do something with my time. I had even tried 2 other gyms. I started here going only to aqua classes for approximately 6-7 months and lost 60 pounds, which I have maintained for 10+ years. I was able to meet new people and build confidence. I began to try other aspects of the facility, including personal training and pickleball over the years. During my time here, I have met wonderful members who have become my extended family. You are not just a client here, you are family and the staff truly cares. This place is the reason I get up in the morning.”

To accommodate the community, The Fitness Center at Kernersville offers individual, couples, seniors, and family membership programs. There are also corporate rates available for corporate groups with five or more members. During the month of February, mention Kernersville Magazine and the enrollment fee is only $10! The Fitness Center at Kernersville also accepts Silver Sneakers for those who qualify.

“I am proud of the positive impact we are having in our community. I believe it is important for people to not only be healthy, but to have a place they can come and enjoy making it happen.” Kristen shared, “I do not define our success by the increase in number of new members, but by the members who come here regularly to achieve their personal health goals.”

To learn more, visit their website or call 336.992.1700. However, the best way to truly see if The Fitness Center at Kernersville is the right place for you is to stop by anytime for a free tour. It might be the best healthy lifestyle choice you ever make.

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