Spread a Little Love

By Molly Beasley

Love is in the air; and you can feel it here in Kernersville! February is the perfect month to show others you care for them and to spread the love. The local shops and stores in Kernersville are ready to bring its customers new items you thought you may never need, inspiration for your home décor, or even a meal you have not yet tried. Spread a little love to the shops around you!

It can be tough to venture out when the weather becomes a little too brisk, but you will not regret driving down the streets of Kernersville and seeing familiar faces while going to new places. If you are hungry, perhaps try a new dish at the local hamburger and hot dog shop, or order a fresh pizza from that Italian restaurant you have been dying to go to. If you are looking for new sights, try some of the Kernersville parks or take a walk downtown and familiarize yourself with the small town that has a lot to offer.

One great way to do this is to grab a friend or your family and do these things together. Ask for opinions from the community on where to start. Head to downtown Kernersville for a variety of shops and businesses to get inspired on all that is out there. Downtown has parks and museums that can keep you entertained for hours and it can help introduce you to our surroundings. Impress your friends and family with all that you have learned about Kernersville and its origins. Challenge yourself this year to discover new things here in Kernersville, and share them with others that you think would love them.

Shopping local can help you gain an understanding of the town that makes you feel at home. Supporting these businesses can go a long way to those who have a passion and want to share it with the world. Taking the time to try new things and open your eyes to new possibilities here in Kernersville can be the perfect way to do it. Try new stores and revisit old ones that you may not have shopped at in a while. Check your local news source and magazines for opportunities that are happening in the community. There are plenty of chances to put yourself out there and experience everything that Kernersville has to offer.

As somebody who has recently come back to Kernersville from college, it has been great to reconnect with these businesses and learn more about where I grew up. It is almost as though visiting these places have opened my eyes to the potential that I could have as a community member. I now walk into shops that are supported by a dream and a vision, and working with those who believe in the same thing for our town has been incredibly uplifting. I see our historical landmarks differently, and have a higher appreciation for those who took the time to show me these places as a child. While Small Business Saturday is not until November 24 this year, it is important to support these small businesses every day of the year and show them how much you appreciate them!

There is a lot waiting for you in Kernersville. Make sure that you get out, shop, and support your local businesses– give back to the community that you have come to call home. You will not be disappointed with what you find and who you meet, and you will gain an understanding of how much it can mean to even just one business owner.

Information regarding shops available in the Kernersville area can be found in various media outlets as well as on the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce website: KernersvilleNC.com. You can also visit our events page for other opportunities in Kernersville that you may enjoy.

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