Cone Health MedCenter Kernersville: Putting the Patient at the Center of What We Do

coneDEC13by  Susan Schabacker

With a thriving location on Highway 66 in Kernersville, Cone Health MedCenter offers a full range of services including family medicine, women’s healthcare, orthopedics, heart care, outpatient rehabilitation, sports medicine, behavioral health, and employer health services, along with on-site lab and imaging services.

Open 7 days a week with minimal wait times, Cone Health Urgent Care at MedCenter Kernersville is an ideal place to go to receive convenient, quality care for a variety of symptoms and conditions including simple fractures, injuries, cuts, abrasions, colds, fevers, flu, sore throats, upset stomachs, and sport physicals.

Sometimes a medical practice waiting room can be an unsettling and uncomfortable place for visitors feeling anxious because of their symptoms.  That is not the case with MedCenter Kernersville’s Urgent Care.

“Our nursing staff can help make them feel more comfortable and at home,” said Wendy Blum, site manager for several services on the MedCenter campus.  The Urgent Care facility provides a comfortable environment with an enclosed registration area for patient privacy at check-in.

“We work hard to redefine the patient’s experience.  We recognize that when they come into the clinic they want to be seen and attended to immediately, and providing the best possible experience for each individual is paramount to us,” said Deno Adkins, MedCenter Director for Cone Health.  A second MedCenter featuring a free-standing emergency department is located at 2630 Willard Dairy Road, High Point, which is 10 minutes from the Kernersville campus.

To ensure an efficient experience, estimated wait times are posted on the campus website at  “You can see how many people are in front of you.  That helps potential patients know about what to expect, and that usually helps manage expectations and helps them have a better experience with their visit,” Deno said.

The Cone Health MedCenter staff also treats pediatric patients.  The Urgent Care waiting room is not just a welcoming environment for teens and adults, but is also a kid-friendly environment with a special area so kids can feel at home while they are waiting.  A wide screen TV, video game console, and plenty of toys keep the children happily occupied.

Physicians at Cone Health Urgent Care at MedCenter Kernersville provide patients with the best practical advice and solutions to help remedy symptoms and conditions.

“We try to provide a time estimate for how long a patient may continue experiencing symptoms and when they should have their condition reassessed,” said Dr. Stephen Beese, one of three board-certified physicians at the Urgent Care.  Patients may be referred to another provider or primary care physician located elsewhere on the same campus.

“We firmly commit to putting the patient at the center of what we do and focus on how to best serve our community,” said Deno.

The caring and attentive Urgent Care staff form a tight-knit team.  Aaron Saunders, manager of development and operations for Cone Health MedCenter, notes the solid team efforts that positively impact the entire patient experience.  “We are a one-stop-shop where you can bring the whole family.  We embrace the team aspect.  Our employees rise together to conquer whatever challenge there may be from a patient-care standpoint.”

To simplify the patient experience, a patient’s medical records are stored electronically in an integrated Cone Health database system.  “If a patient’s doctor is in Greensboro, or wherever, we can share the electronic records so they are immediately available.  This is extremely important to the continuity of care,” said Dr. Beese.

Office notes, in turn, are shared with the patient’s primary care physician, whether the physician is part of the Cone Health system or not.  This way, healthcare providers and the patient’s primary care doctor, stay updated on care the patient has received.

“We value our patients’ feedback.  We want to make sure they are satisfied with their care,” said Deno. “We measure how patients feel about their experience through real time exit surveys.” Patient satisfaction has been consistently high; ranking the physicians’ overall score in the top 10% nationally.

Cone Health MedCenter Kernersville also offers a variety of educational classes about relevant health topics.  These services are part of the MedCenter’s ongoing mission of preventing illness and Cone Health’s core value of caring for the community.

Attendance is high at these classes and they fill up quickly.  A complete schedule of classes and services is available at

Cone Health Urgent Care at MedCenter Kernersville is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  No appointments are necessary; walk-ins are always welcome and receive the best time-sensitive care possible.  Most insurance plans are accepted.

Patients needing advice for care when the MedCenter is not in operation can receive assistance by calling the Cone Health Connect Line at 336-832-8000 and talk with a registered nurse 24/7.

“It is a local call,” says Deno, which is another benefit to the community.

“We are really grateful for the opportunity we have to help make each patient’s experience the best it can be.  To do that takes a talented and dedicated team, who all firmly believe the patient is the center of everything we do,” remarks Deno.

The Cone Health Urgent Care at MedCenter Kernersville provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where patients of all ages can feel comfortable and individuals’ lives are improved, one visit at a time.

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