Bruce Boyer – A Man of Integrity

williams“When Bruce applied for the vacant CEO position at Kernersville Chamber of Commerce, the selection committee and I were truly surprised!  Bruce was already a very well respected fixture at the Kernersville YMCA, and we had no idea he was looking for a change.  When asked why he wanted to make a change, his response was, ‘I am looking for other ways to give to the community before I retire.’  Bruce has represented the Chamber with the highest integrity, an amazing work ethic, and a high attention to detail.

When most men are looking to slow down, Bruce went looking for a new challenge.  I am so thankful he did.  The Chamber of Commerce and the Kernersville Business community should also be very thankful he did!

I have had the privilege to know Bruce in three capacities over the years:  YMCA Director, Kernersville Chamber CEO, and High School Soccer referee.  His professionalism and his love for others have always shown in each of his endeavors.”

– Phil Williams  /  2003 Board Chair 


fitz“I have known Bruce Boyer since he was the director at the Family YMCA of Kernersville.  When he took on the position of Chamber Director in 2003, I was asked by a board member to assist Bruce with the Chamber Golf Tournament.  That was the start of my close association and valued friendship with Bruce.  We worked 10 consecutive golf tournaments, with me serving as his tournament director.  During my 5 years on the board of directors of the Chamber, serving as Chairman in 2006, I found Bruce to be invaluable to myself and the entire board in the fulfillment of our duties.  He made it a pleasure to serve.  Bruce worked hard to bring the business community, town government, and citizens of Kernersville closer together.  And more importantly, he succeeded!  I remember taking him for a motorcycle ride on his birthday several years ago.  He was a little scared but was a great sport.

My sincere wishes are for Bruce and Kathy to have a fruitful and enjoyable retirement together.  I look forward to seeing him involved in many community and chamber activities for years to come.”

– Tom FitzGerald  /  Shamrock System Solutions  /  2006 Board Chair


taylor“The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce has been very fortunate to have Bruce Boyer as its Executive Director.  Under his leadership and guidance, the Chamber has grown dramatically in membership and programs.  Bruce is a true professional in every sense of the word, and he made my year as President one of the most rewarding leadership experiences of my career.  Bruce is a man of high ethics and Christian principles, and we will miss him greatly at the Chamber.  He treats everyone he comes in contact with, with respect and compassion.”

– Jeffrey B. Taylor, CPA  /  The Pope Companies  /  2007 Board Chair


long“Where to begin singing the praises of Bruce Boyer is difficult.  I can think of many, many, many instances where he has reacted correctly in his decisions with the perfect answer for the situation.  When it comes to working with the public, engaging with economic opportunities, managing events, partnering with the Town of Kernersville, managing staff and working with his board, he has been stellar.  I have been blessed to have been associated with him.”

– Duane Long / Long Insurance Services / 2008 Board Chair


ford“If you ever get to know Bruce Boyer you will find that he is just a genuinely nice guy.  Like many, I met Bruce through my volunteer efforts in the community for Kiwanis, the Chamber, and the YMCA and as they say – the rest is history…  I don’t know how he gets done all that he does or how he keeps his priorities straight, but he does and they are in order as a Christian, family man, and leader in the community.  I have to chuckle a little as I remember those 5:30am racquetball games at the Kernersville YMCA with Pastor Keith and Elder Bruce of the Fountain of Life Church – what better way to get your priorities in order – right?

Bruce has not only done an outstanding job for our Chamber, but he has done an outstanding job in bringing the community (business and personal) together.  He walks the walk and is a friend, mentor, and supporter to all.  He has made volunteering easy, and it is and has been a pleasure serving the Kernersville community with him.

Thanks so much for your friendship.  Happy Retirement and Best Wishes Always!”

– Helen Jennett Ford  /  Fidelity Bank  /  2009 Board Chair 


jefferson“Bruce Boyer was the first business person I met when I came to Kernersville in 2004.  Bruce was helpful in everything I asked.  He even allowed me to be included in the Kernersville Leadership Class of 2005.  I thank Bruce for every opportunity given me since I have known him.”

– Danny Jefferson  /  Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service  /  2010 Board Chair


coulter“I have known Bruce for 21 years.  I worked with him at the YMCA.  I also had the privilege to be on the Board at the Chamber with Bruce.  The thing that stands out the most about Bruce is his faith in God.  He was instrumental in the Y’s Christian Leadership Conference and he volunteered even after he left the Y.  Bruce found ways to show his faith in his work with the Chamber.  I have the greatest admiration for how Bruce lives his life and how he serves our community.

Bruce has done an excellent job at the Chamber and he will be hard to replace.  The Chamber does a lot to bring the businesses and the community together.  We have been fortunate to have Bruce in this role.  I wish Bruce the best in retirement.”

– John Coulter  /  2011 Board Chair


reilly“I have learned so much from Bruce Boyer over the last several years.  I was a graduate of the Leadership Kernersville Program in 2004 and wanted to continue my involvement in the community. I became involved with the Business After Hours committee and then was asked to be a member of the Chamber Board.  Before each meeting, Bruce would start with an inspirational quote.  I remember looking forward to hearing the quotes as it would always put things into perspective for me.  After being on the board for a couple of years, I was then asked to be on the Executive Board.  Again, I was glad to do so and looked forward to staying involved in the community and working with Bruce.  I would watch him wear so many hats, but he always made sure that he made time for EVERYONE.   I would often wonder how he did it all with such ease and always had a smile on his face.  We are very fortunate to have someone who is so dedicated and loyal to Kernersville.  Bruce never acted like being the CEO of the Chamber was a 9 to 5 job.  It was his passion and he gave it his all.  I would like to personally thank Bruce for everything that you have done for this community and to help me grow as a person.  I am so happy for you and Kathy to be able to spend quality time together now that you are going to retire.  It is well deserved.  You are surely going to be missed at the Chamber.  I wish you and your family nothing but the best.  Thank you again for your loyalty, hard work, dedication, smiling face, and of course, your hugs.”

– Sharon Tucker  /  PNC Bank  /  2012 Board Chair


smits“Bruce Boyer has an uncanny ability to keep everyone on the same page, he never gets rattled, and I have never seen him sweat even when things are challenging.  He has such a strong faith and an ability to deal with difficult situations, both of which make him a pleasure to work with.”

– Tony Smits  /  Deere-Hitachi  /  2013 Board Chair


lauten“We have been so fortunate in Kernersville to have a person like Bruce Boyer that has the ethics for a business man, the integrity that we all need to see, and the leadership he has given to drive us in such a good positive direction.  He is leaving the chamber in an excellent state and Chris, who is coming in behind him, will be able to grow it from there because he has left such a good strong foundation.”

– Sunni Lauten  /  Coldwell Banker  /  2014 Board Chair


Bruce Boyer – President/CEO 

Kernersville Chamber of Commerce / June 2003 – December 2013



• 2013 NC Chamber Executive of the Year

• Chamber Membership Nearly Doubled from 325 Members in 2003 to 610 in October 2013


Expanded Existing Programs:

• Economic Development – Increased Attendance by Attracting Dynamic Speakers

• Spring Folly – Includes more Special Features and Sponsors

• Music at Twilight – Increased Sponsorship and Special Features

• 4th of July Festivities – Added a Concert and Activities before the Fireworks

• Golf Tournament – More Sponsorships and Attendance


Introduced New Programs:

• Education Grant Program/Eating for Education – Increased sponsorship and included restaurant participation.  Grant disbursement has increased from 4 in 2004 to over 40 in 2013.

• Healthy Active Adults Day – Collaboration with the Kernersville Family YMCA

• Chamber Academy – Business Education and Training Session

• Job Fair – Annual Event Developed During a Time of High Unemployment

• Home Sweet Home –Created in Collaboration with Local Real Estate Companies

• HR Round Table – HR Professionals Meeting

• Civic Council – Committee with Representatives from Kernersville Civic Clubs

• Kernersville Day at the Dash –Attend Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Game

• Summer Golf League

• Kernersville Connections – High School Chamber Ambassadors

• Recycling Event – Recycle Electronics, Batteries, and Shred Documents

• Mentoring Program – Chamber Members Mentor Students in Local Schools

• Candidates Forum – In partnership with the Senior Enrichment Center

You’re Invited!

Please join us for Bruce Boyer’s Retirement Celebration. 

December 5, 2013 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm  

Fountain of Life Lutheran Church – 323 Hopkins Rd., Kernersville



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