Real Life Stories of a Local Mom

By Lillian Michelle

Mondays are always challenging and today was no exception. We had family in town for a visit over the weekend and we are all still recuperating. Our daily schedule is messed up, too. Naps are wonky and kids are cranky!

Quinn fell asleep in the car on the way to pick his big sister up from preschool. He only slept for about 30 minutes. Any mom knows that half an hour will not be sufficient for a 16-month-old. It is, however, just long enough to wind him right back up. Normally, I try to keep him awake during the morning so he will sleep during “quiet time” and I can get some work done.

Hoping that the stimulation would help to tire him back out, we went in to town for a bite to eat. The cafe we chose was long, narrow and absolutely bursting with people. The walls were very tall and filled with old town memorabilia like baseball team photos and antique advertising posters.

My daughter immediately ran over to the counter, climbed up and smiled at the fellow that looked to be in charge. He warmly smiled back as they exchanged pleasantries.

We were told that high chairs do not work well at the counter by the lady who ran the cash register. Elizabeth was a bit disappointed. To an almost four-year-old, lunch at the counter is an exciting adventure! I explained that we could come back another day when it was just us. This seemed to be acceptable, so we made our way to the last remaining table at the back of the restaurant. “Excuse us. Sorry. Thanks. Pardon me. Coming behind you,” I said, as we squeezed down the tight pathway. I am pretty positive the diaper bag hit someone upside the head. There were no complaints, so we did not stop the train.

Once seated, I placed our order and we began preparations to eat: clean our hands, wipe the table, put down one of those disposable placemats because Quinn does not believe in plates, put on a bib, dish out appetizer puffs…the normal stuff.

We played “I Spy” until our food arrived. As we ate, we talked about the visit with her cousins that left the day prior. She told me all about where they drove together while on her Minnie Mouse Jeep and explained in great detail the similarities between her cousin’s baby “frother” and her own. Soon enough, we were finished eating and my daughter needed to potty, as always. Thankfully, “the door with the picture of the girl on it” was literally right next to us. Noting the width of the dining area, I took a peek inside to see what I was in for. Folks, there is more space in an airplane latrine…That is when I realized why there was a random sink in the hallway. It was all clear to me.

Quinn was still quietly working on what was left of his grilled cheese so I propped the door open with my foot and papered the potty. Stopping my princess from pulling her scooter skirt down in the hallway, I quickly propped her on the throne and instructed her to call for me when she was finished. The door was heavy so she could not open it.   

A few minutes passed and I saw the door crack open, I heard her sweet little voice yell out, “Mommy! I need a wet wipe! It was a poo poo!” Insert embarrassed face emoji here___. We tended to business and started packing up to leave but not before we watched as the table next to us happily took a group photo with the lady from the register. I overheard one man explain that he has known her for 30 years.

Quinn did not go back to sleep until 4:30pm. He got about an hour of rest before we left again for a ladies banquet at church. I did not get much work done either. My laundry is more like a mountain that the kids actually scaled, and the kitchen floor is the exception to the five second rule.

Elizabeth and I had a great time together at the banquet along with my mom. Quinn stayed with his Papaw. They are best buds!

I was so glad my husband was home when we came home tonight. His strong embrace makes everything else in the world melt away.

Today was eventful and exhausting. It was different than I planned but so is every day since my kids were born. We really enjoyed our lunch together in the “narrow cafe” and the memories made are worth more than a clean house. Today was a good day.

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  1. Matt C

    The logistics of this lunch… rival a military operation. Hug your Mom today!

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