Our eyes are a vital part of nearly everything we do, and modern vision care encompasses much more than glasses and annual eye exams. The team at Triangle Visions Optometry in Kernersville is committed to bringing the best medical care and the latest innovations to their patients while maintaining excellent patient relationships and service.

Dr. Amy Harper and her husband Overton, who manages the Kernersville location, began the practice nearly twelve years ago as Harper Eye Care. “God blessed Harper Eye Care tremendously,” says Overton, “and it grew to a point where it needed to grow more. Triangle Visions was the answer to growth without the sacrifice of patient care.” Now, nearly two years since the transition, Triangle Visions of Kernersville continues to bring exceptional eye care to the Triad while remaining connected to their patients and the community. They have seen the addition of two new optometrists and are continuously implementing cutting edge programs and technology. 

One of the biggest updates has been the addition of the Vision Therapy program. Vision therapy has been described as a non-surgical treatment that works as a type of physical therapy for the eyes and the brain. It has been used to treat physical conditions such as “lazy” or crossed eyes, double vision, or convergence insufficiency, as well as many reading and learning disabilities. Specialized optometrists can use visual therapy exercises to find conditions that might otherwise be missed in a normal eye exam. “Many patients who have struggled with other approaches have benefited significantly and found success in vision therapy,” says Dr. Hillary Gesford, who specializes in visual therapy and rehabilitation at the Kernersville location. “It has been shown to be very beneficial in improving reading speed, comprehension and overall school performance.”

Visual therapy works to retrain the brain and eyes to work together, improving visual efficiency and processing through a series of exercises and activities. Some of these can be performed at home between visits, but others use specialized equipment such as the Sanet Vision Integrator. “The SVI is like a giant iPad, with lots of different activities to improve eye tracking, eye hand coordination and visual acuity,” says Dr. Gesford. “It’s a great tool, because the brain is still receiving information from both eyes, and it also helps children avoid the social and academic suffering which often results wearing an eye patch.”

Leslie Brooks, a long-time patient of Triangle Visions, says vision therapy gave her son more confidence in reading. Through a routine eye exam, Dr. Harper was able to recognize signs that caused her to recommend Leslie’s son for vision therapy. After a thorough assessment with Dr. Gesford, it was determined that he had issues with teaming and tracking. “His eyes would be very tired when he would read and he would lose his place occasionally, and reading was not his first choice,” Leslie says. Leslie’s son went on to complete a nine month vision therapy program, visiting the office once or twice a week and also completing exercises at home. “Their staff is extremely child oriented,” Leslie says, “they would even gear some of the exercises to his interest in sports.” By his first progress assessment, Leslie’s son had already made improvements, and by the end of the program he was able to test above his grade level in several areas. He says reading is much easier for him since vision therapy. “It has had a great impact,” Leslie says. “They are professional and kid friendly and thorough, and I have nothing but positive things to say.”

Visual therapy is only one of the many exciting things happening at Triangle Visions of Kernersville. Dr. Harper and Dr. Kimberly Orr both participate in the InfantSEE program, which provides comprehensive eye exams for infants between six and twelve months old, free of charge. Beginning eye care early can help to ensure a child’s quality of life by screening for potential problems in visual health and development.

As part of the Triangle Visions Optometry network, patients will also gain access to programs such as the Protect Your Investment program. For only 25 dollars per year, this warranty program promises to fully replace your glasses if they are damaged in any way, at any Triangle Visions location. Triangle Visions of Kernersville is also able to accept most insurance carriers, offers free adjustments, and carries a broad range of designer frame collections. Unlike many large medical practices, Triangle Visions does their best to ensure that the provider you know and love will always be available to their local community. They believe in forging lasting relationships with patients and providing consistency of care. “We have always practiced a little differently in Kernersville, wanting to devote quality time to each patient and their exam, often seeing a lower volume of patients,” says Overton. “Triangle Visions embraces that on a daily basis across all offices.”

For the team at Triangle Visions, serving the community stretches far beyond the four walls of their Kernersville office. They provide free eye care at the Durham Rescue Mission, support local organizations such as the YMCA, Rotary Club, Lions Club, and Next Step Ministries, and members of the Triangle Visions team serve on multiple medical mission trips each year. “This community involvement is a key difference and distinction from other eye care providers in town that are corporate owned,” says Overton. “Serving this community is the foundation that we operate on.” 

Dr. Mark Wells, who is now a primary doctor at Triangle Visions of Kernersville, said his experience as a long-time patient of Triangle Visions inspired him to pursue a career in optometry. He says his favorite part of being an optometrist is seeing the change in the daily lives of patients through vision correction and ocular disease management. “I also love learning about new and exciting breakthroughs in the optometry field,” says Dr. Wells.

The team at Triangle Visions are accepting new patients and are excited to share their vision of a brighter future with the people of Kernersville and the Triad area. To learn more, visit their website at www.TriangleVisions.com, or call 336.993.3930.

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