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cooperspotby Margie Crabtree

My first meeting with Robert Cooper left me feeling as though I had known him for years – and that I would trust him to make financial decisions for me.  He and Lou, Robert’s right hand man; are like visiting with old friends, welcoming, warm, and comfortable.  Their offices, while very attractive are not loaded with luxurious accouterments that I have so often found when meeting with others in the financial industry, and I liked that.  In Robert Cooper’s office the emphasis is on you, the client – not on trivial trappings.

Robert is an interesting man of few words but with a twinkle in his eyes.  He has been in financial services for more than 24 years.  During this time his genuine concern for his clients has enabled him to successfully meet the financial planning needs of his clients, while building long-lasting, meaningful, relationships with them; and sometimes even the children of these clients.

What sets Robert Cooper apart from other financial advisors is his fiduciary responsibility.  What does fiduciary mean?  A fiduciary is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties – this is not always the case when other investment advisors manage your finances or make recommendations to you.

How can Robert Cooper help you?  Set up an appointment and come in with plenty of time for him to understand your specific situation, your goals, and your dreams.  Every individual does not have the same goals in life, and each of us have different life situations that need to be addressed.  Perhaps you have a handicapped child who will need to be cared for long after you are gone, or perhaps you are a single person with no dependents.  The long-term planning for one would be completely different than the other.  Robert knows that understanding each client is essential to providing them the tools to accomplish their goal.

Robert Cooper is here for you whenever a difficult financial decision needs to be made.  For example, if you are planning to make a 401K rollover – there are many options offered, but how do you know which is best for you without a consultation with a professional?  If you are interested in retirement income planning, how could you begin this without guidance?  Even knowing when to begin receiving your social security income has implications that will affect you financially.  There are federal and state laws that sometimes apply when making financial decisions; laws that the average person just does not know.  The time spent discussing these issues with Robert Cooper will help you in making decisions in your favor.

It is really quite sad that sometimes we spend so much of our time working for our money, yet we never take the steps to make our money work for us.  If we could do both, the outcome at retirement age would be amazing.  The earlier this philosophy is adopted the sooner you can begin enjoying the golden years of your life.

I suppose that most of us never feel that we have amassed assets enough to need help in the management of them.  This could not be further from the truth – smart, hardworking folks, no matter their financial worth need the same guidance in financial decision-making as someone worth millions.  We need to make certain that we are making the decisions that benefit us most.

Watch for announcements in upcoming issues of this publication for dates and times of workshops that Robert Cooper is offering to the community.  Each workshop is directed to specific financial areas that affect us all.  These workshops are not only informative but inexpensive.

Kernersville and surrounding areas are fortunate to have such talented, dedicated, and caring people in their community to assist them with financial decisions.  Robert and his wife, Belinda live in Colfax where both are active in their church, even doing missionary work in other countries.  They have two children, a daughter, Amanda who works in Winston-Salem; and a son, Jamie, who is now serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently stationed in California following deployment in Afghanistan.

The folks at Robert Cooper are friends and neighbors you can trust and depend on.


Robert Cooper, CRPC, RFC

Registered Investment Advisor Representative

Providing Financial Planning Services in the Triad

For over 20 years


 935-E East Mountain Street, Kernersville NC 27284  •

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