Dentistry Made Simple

By Chelsea Pyne

When you walk into Jesse A. Grimm DDS PA the first thing you notice are the accolades that line the walls. The number of certificates and awards Dr. Grimm sports immediately puts you at ease. This man knows what he is doing. The next thing you will notice is that his practice does not feel like a normal dentist office. Lavender and Peppermint essential oils are diffused throughout the building to help relax and comfort anyone who enters. And when you do walk into the office, take a look at the first black and white photo hanging by the door. Taken in 1968, it shows 4-year-old Jesse assisting his father, who was examining his brother’s dental hygiene. His father and brother also went on to become top tier dentists in their home state of Michigan. Dr. Grimm has been rooted to dentistry before he even realized it.

Dr. Grimm came to Kernersville in 2001, when our small town first started picking up. Since then, the growth has been incredible, and as such, Dr. Grimm has expanded his practice and services. You will be surprised to find how his office unfolds. The long hallway opens to a number of rooms, all specialized for specific procedures–including an underwater themed room for children. As Kernersville grows, naturally, it has more needs. In fact, last year his office saw 3,900 patients!

Dr. Grimm explained, “Our mission is to be as efficient, convenient, proficient, and comfortable as possible. We are striving for a positive culture. Everybody’s happy here. If you are happy, you are going to be doing better work. Of course as a patient, you want to leave as soon as you step in the door. Everybody wants to get in and get out. So we are cognizant of their time. Two things in life you can’t get back: time and natural tooth structure. So we are going to preserve both of those. We have all the fancy technology needed to fix teeth, but if we don’t have to use it, then it is certainly better for the patient. That’s why maintenance and prevention is so important.”

The office stresses oral education by providing tablets to patients so they can watch videos on different procedures and get a better understanding of what each service provides. They also offer rewards to kids who are able to remain cavity-free. Education is a huge part of prevention–the more you know and are able to use for your own benefit, the less time and money that you will have to spend on your oral care. Dr. Grimm explained that pain is really a late indicator of the problem. So be proactive!

“We always want to know what our customers’ values are. What they need, why they are not seeking treatment, and so on. We try to make it simple and convenient for them. However, I am happy to offer more and more services to fulfill our community’s needs,” Dr. Grimm added.

Recently, Dr. Grimm completed another one of his clinical masters in an implant program at NYU Dentistry. Dental implants are a great tooth-replacement option and are an alternative to bridgework and dentures. The implant is a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the gums. After a few months, it will permanently anchor to the jawbone, providing a secure foundation for a crown restoration. After the restoration, the implant will look and feel just like a natural tooth. No preparation of surrounding teeth is necessary. It is important to replace missing teeth, because a gap in the smile can cause your other teeth to shift, as well as increased risk of gum disease, difficulty chewing and speaking properly. Dental implants are the newest service offered, and Dr. Grimm has made sure the rest of his office has stayed on top of technologies that enhance the patient experience.

Beyond technology, the staff of 11 provides even spa-like services to ease patients. In each room sits a “Patient Comfort Menu.” Clients pick their favorite essential oil to be diffused in their room. They can borrow noise canceling headphones, a push blanket, a new pillow–all Dr. Grimm DDS really needs is a foot massage service and they are on their way to spa dentistry.

Practice Manager and Marketing Director Bryan Macy explained, “We do things differently. Going back to our patient comforts, our therapeutic-grade essential oil diffusers are throughout the entire office to enhance everyone’s experience. I just hate that doctor office industrial sterile smell. We don’t want that. We want it to be pleasant. I have had so many medical reps walk into this office amazed at how clean and well thought out our practice is. We take pride in that.”

Dr. Grimm has also been nominated one of America’s best dentists for several years. There is a reason why he is one of the longest running dentists in Kernersville. Dr. Grimm DDS will have more availability in the coming month as he is taking on another qualified dentist to join the practice. New patients welcome! For more information or to book your appointment, call 336.996.7770 or visit The office is located at 851 Old Winston Road, Kernersville.

“I love coming in for my routine dental appointments whether it is just a six-month cleaning or a fix on a certain tooth. I know my mouth care is going to be excellent as I have been attending here since 2006 and I have had no complaints. The staff is very friendly and very welcoming. If I need to change an appointment they are very helpful in doing so. I love my friendly neighborhood Dentist, Dr. Jesse Grimm. I will always give him five stars. Thank you for keeping my teeth in such great shape!” – Jannina C.

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