Local Restaurants Give Back in Hope du Jour

By Abbey Riesett

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, people across Forsyth County will dine out for Crisis Control Ministry’s Hope du Jour fundraiser. Participating restaurants have been donating 10% of their total sales on the first Tuesday in May for the past 30 years. “Hope du Jour is an opportunity for restaurant owners to help our neighbors in crisis,” said Margaret Elliott, Executive Director of Crisis Control Ministry.

As the largest emergency assistance provider in Forsyth County, Crisis Control Ministry assists people in crisis to meet essential life needs and to become self-sufficient. Crisis Control makes sure our neighbors experiencing crisis have their basic human needs met by providing financial housing and utility assistance, food, and medicine. In addition to these client services programs, Crisis Control Ministry facilitates advocacy programs throughout Forsyth County to help the public understand the realities of poverty and the challenges many of our neighbors in poverty face. For additional information, visit www.crisiscontrol.org.

Crisis Control Ministry’s Hope du Jour fundraiser began as the idea of Candide Jones, who was the restaurant reviewer for the Winston-Salem Journal 30 years ago. She had just read a story in the newspaper about Crisis Control Ministry’s food pantry and wanted to help. She was aware of a similar event happening in the Triangle area and reached out to Crisis Control Ministry to see if they were interested. Patti Hoffman, Director of Crisis Control Ministry at the time, was excited about it. Soon after, Murphy Gregg, owner of Diamondback Grill and co-founder of Hope du Jour, was one of the first restaurant owners to sign on. Murphy Gregg is still an avid advocate of Hope du Jour encouraging other restaurant owners to get involved. His restaurants, Diamondback Grill and now Diamondback Downtown, continue to participate.

Restaurants are still signing up to participate in the 30th anniversary of Hope du Jour. As of early March, Crisis Control Ministry already has 120 restaurants committed, twelve of which are located in the Kernersville area. Hope du Jour is all about partnering with locally owned restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and coffee shops. Crisis Control Ministry has always held the event on a Tuesday because that is a day of the week when many restaurants don’t have as much foot traffic. Margaret stated, “We want to recognize our restaurant partners as stewards in the community and encourage our supporters to eat out at their establishments, not just for Hope du Jour but year-round.”

The Kernersville office of Crisis Control Ministry selects a Hope du Jour restaurant to eat out at every year. “There are usually 15 to 20 volunteers and staff from the Kernersville office who dine out for lunch and dinner together for Hope du Jour,” says Kathy Hoffner, Director of the Kernersville Office. “Hope du Jour is an opportunity for us to come together through fellowship and good food while raising money for Crisis Control.” Like the Kernersville staff and volunteers, many Crisis Control Ministry supporters will eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Hope du Jour.

Stephen Kroustalis, owner of Plaza Restaurant in Kernersville, has enjoyed partnering with Crisis Control for the past twenty years by participating in Hope du Jour. He says, “I do not wish to live in a world where we do not look out for each other and help others when they need a helping hand. We never know what the future brings. I am grateful to do my small part in supporting Crisis Control each year.” Mr. Kroustalis encourages everyone to eat out for Hope du Jour to support our neighbors in crisis.

Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant is another Kernersville restaurant dedicated to being involved with Hope du Jour. Despite the date falling on Cinco de Mayo this year, Don Juan’s was one of the first Kernersville restaurants to renew their participation for 2020 and says their staff at Don Juan’s love participating in Hope du Jour. Don Juan’s has contributed the largest donation for Hope du Jour over the past four years. If you choose to dine out there this year, notice the Hope du Jour plaques hanging on the walls by the register. Other Kernersville restaurants participating in Hope du Jour are Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant, Cagney’s of Kernersville, Cake & All Things Yummy, Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, Deli on Main, Low Price Mart & The Grill, Mae’s Vintage Village, Outwest Steakhouse, Prissy Polly’s BBQ, and Sixty Six Grill and Taphouse. Find all of the participating restaurants online at hopedujour.org.

Can’t eat out on May 5? Make a donation at www.crisiscontrol.org.

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