Creeks Landing Medi Spa: Tailored Solutions for Well Being

mar14spotby Lisa Casinger

Sherry Koontz opened Creeks Landing Medi Spa in Kernersville three years ago after achieving her own success with the weight loss program she now offers to clients. Her business has flourished as more and more people discover success with the plethora of services provided.

“The business has grown, especially in the last year,” Sherry said. “I think it has to do not only with referrals from our clients, but also as the economy is getting better, people are going back to work and they are starting to spend money on more than just necessities. We have also seen an increase in our male clientele.”

Creeks Landing Medi Spa is a physician assisted weight loss clinic that has helped hundreds of Triad residents achieve goals they have not been able to reach with other programs.

Weight Loss Services
Services here are not only customizable to each client’s needs but they are approved and monitored by Dr. Pamela Harris, the spa’s medical director. As a certified physicians assisted weight loss clinic, Creeks Landing is also monitored by the North Carolina Medical Board.

The process starts with a consultation with one of the five nurses on staff. The nurse reviews the client’s medical history, discusses which weight loss options are appropriate, and tailors a plan to fit their needs.

“One thing we hear from clients all the time is that they like the personal, one-on-one care our nurses give,” Sherry said. “These are physician-assisted programs, guided by our medical director; it is not like group weight-loss programs or diets.”

A nurse practitioner—there are three on staff—follows the consultation with a physical, much like one would experience in their doctor’s office.

The treatments are five-week programs that include HCG, B12, and lipotronic injections. HCG is the hormone women produce during pregnancy; when used for weight loss it helps the body release stored fat. Lipotronics are targeted injections, designed for specific areas of the body. B12 injections help reset the body’s metabolism, enabling users to maintain their weight loss.

Aside from the injections, the program includes prescription appetite suppressants, dietary and exercise suggestions, and care and counseling to help clients reach their goals.

“There is no secret formula for losing weight and keeping it off,” Sherry said. “It is a lifestyle change. A big part of what we do includes educating clients on making healthy decisions as well as setting and reaching attainable goals.”

The counseling and customized programs are affordable; a typical five-week package is around $200. Some insurance plans cover medical weight loss programs under their wellness programs, and Creeks Landing accepts medical flex account cards.

Aesthetic Services
Creeks Landing also offers aesthetic services such as Botox injections, Juvaderm, body wraps, and NuSkin galvanic spa treatments.

“Our weight loss program is the biggest part of our business, but we have seen an increase in clients looking for our beauty treatments too,” Sherry said. “We are even seeing more male clients for these services, especially for Botox.”

Botox has become more affordable, with $10 units and the average treatment uses 20 units.

“Other programs can be more aggressive, using 40-60 units at a time,” Sherry said. “We do not do that; we err on the side of caution in all of our services and we do not go overboard or encourage our clients to be too aggressive in any of their treatments.”

Botox treatments target crow’s feet, brows, and the forehead areas. Juvaderm is a filler treatment used to fill in wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Clients often combine these treatments for a full beauty regimen.

Body wraps, which help break down and flush out fat, are used for instant gratification. Being able to lose three to six inches quickly appeals to clients looking to fit into wedding or prom dresses, or even to get ready for bikini season.

NuSkin galvanic spa treatments use a hand-held piece of equipment to help tone and tighten. Clients can get treatments at the spa or purchase the equipment to use on their own at home.

This spring a licensed Aesthetician will join the staff, enabling Creeks Landing to offer facials, microdermabrasion, massage, and waxing services.

From time to time you will find Creeks Landing Medi Spa offers online, but otherwise Sherry depends on her ads in Kernersville Magazine and referrals to spread the word about her business.

“Satisfied customers are our biggest advertisers,” Sherry said. “Knowing that they trust us, appreciate the counseling and one-on-one visits, and are confident that we are committed to their success is the best reward a business owner could hope for.”

Lisa Casinger is a freelance writer living in Kernersville. She has more than 20 years’ experience in publishing and marketing.

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