Exceptional Care, Close to Home

By Chelsea Pyne

Kernersville is unique in many ways, from its rich history, the diversity of thriving local businesses, its rolling landscape, right down to the people who give this town its heartbeat. More so, Kernersville stands out for providing exceptional quality of medicine and healthcare to residents across the Triad.

Kernersville’s steady growth continues to meet the needs of everyone who calls the area home. That is ever evident with top-ranked provider Wake Forest Baptist Health expanding services in our town.

Director of Center Operations Brenda Bronk explained, “Wake Forest Baptist Health Outpatient Imaging is excited to be the Gold Standard of Health Care in the Kernersville area. We opened in February 2019 and offer affordable imaging close to home, in a convenient outpatient location at 861 Old Winston Road.”

Wake Forest Baptist Health Outpatient Imaging has been a trusted provider for medical imaging throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities for many years. Their partnership with the expert radiologists of Wake Forest Baptist Health allows them to bring the highest quality of care to patients in a comfortable outpatient setting. All radiologists are board-certified, have specialty training in their specific field of radiology, and have extensive experience in diagnostic interpretation. Their foundation is to demonstrate the highest standard of patient-centered care, education, research, and operational effectiveness.

Beyond their expertise in healthcare, Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging has made positive ripples in the community outside of their office doors. The staff enjoys participating in Kernersville community events year-round. Some of the fun events include Kernersville Folly Days, Honey Bee Festival, and the Christmas Parade. Brenda explained, “We love to share all of our imaging services in the community. Giving back and staying connected to those we serve is a vital part of our organization. We want our community to thrive in every way. During the events, we like to highlight our mammography services because it is an annual exam that women can schedule with us each year. In October, we celebrated National Mammography Day and offered free mammograms to the underserved in the community. We also have our 3P Fund to provide free mammograms throughout the year for women that are uninsured and cannot afford their annual screening mammogram. These referrals come from our referring providers’ clinics. To qualify, patients need to follow up with their provider and ask them to contact our office. We care deeply about the health of our community and want to give women access to these important services.”

Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging combines the latest technology and medical experts with the small-town comfort and convenience of your caring neighborhood provider. They are excited to have expanded imaging services to the Kernersville community. In addition to MRI, Ultrasound, and X-ray, they now offer 3D Screening Mammography, CT, and Bone Density services.

3D Mammography

Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging combines the advanced capabilities of 3D mammography with the expertise of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s specialized breast imaging radiologists. 3D mammography provides radiologists with clearer views throughout the breast tissue and results in a more reliable diagnosis. 

Computed Tomography (CT)

CT uses X-ray technology and computer software to create detailed images that provide patients and their physicians with a clear understanding of what is going on inside the body. Wake Forest Baptist Health Outpatient Imaging brings the very latest in CT technology. Including dual-energy CT which provides more detailed imaging for specialized exams.

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)

DEXA is an imaging technology that uses a very low amount of X-ray energy to detect the presence of osteoporosis.

“We combine superior technology and the expertise of world-renowned radiologists in a comfortable outpatient atmosphere, at an affordable price,” Brenda explained. “All of these benefits working in unison bring true value to the patients we serve.”

Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging provides easy access to top-quality care and their ample appointment availability allows you to arrange a visit that works for your schedule. Furthermore, their free-standing outpatient status allows for an affordable imaging exam whether you are an insured or uninsured patient. Appointments can be scheduled for these services at the Kernersville office. Wake Forest Baptist Health Outpatient Imaging is located at 861 Old Winston Road, Kernersville. Call 336-765-5722 or make an appointment online at WakeHealth.edu/Imaging.

The Winston-Salem location has been providing expert imaging for over 10 years. Brenda explained that it is their honor to expand to the Kernersville community. Wake Forest Baptist Health’s commitment to exceptional and affordable care brings great value to the healthcare network in our area and they look forward to meeting the needs of both the patients and medical professionals.

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