Kernersville Christmas: 2020 Style!

By Heather Wood

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Most years, Christmas enthusiasts begin to wonder, “How early is too early?” But in 2020, Christmas cannot come soon enough. During a difficult year, there is something special about Christmas that lifts everyone’s spirits. The virus has ripped away so many things from us this year. Having this little nostalgic spark of excitement for something that has been consistent for so many of our lives just feels comforting to look forward to extra early.

Small town Christmas celebrations are especially wonderful when they remind us of the classic movies we get to watch (and re-watch) around the holidays. Those iconic Christmas scenes are unforgettable for the feelings of nostalgia they evoke.  As if downtown Kernersville was not charming enough for its welcoming warmth, holiday storefronts began popping up down Main Street and beyond for nearly a month before the big day. You will see Christmas trees, vibrant greenery, oversized ornaments, and even the famous blinkie lights as you stroll down arguably one of the most picturesque streets.

Make sure you stop by Harmon Park throughout the month and grab a seasonal photo in front of the Kernersville Christmas tree. The Parks and Recreation Department has set-up a selfie station where you and your family can take a memorable photo in front of the tree. The tree will be lit at 6:00pm between December 6 – 31.  

Are you looking for a fun night in? Maybe you would like to learn something new or just have a mini escape from everything happening around you? We have the perfect solution! We will be hosting our Paint & Sip class on Tuesday, December 8 at the Kernersville Community Recreation Center from 6:30-8:30pm. Don’t worry if you are not a Picasso, relax and sip some cider, while you are guided step-by-step in the unveiling of your masterpiece. Registration is open, so check out for more information.

Don’t let the stress of holiday preparations bog you down. Why not try out one of our yoga classes? Join us on Tuesdays at 11:00am for Chair Yoga. This type of yoga is gentle and can be done while sitting. It not only has the benefits of regular yoga, such as helping with stress, pain, and fatigue—but it can also help with joint lubrication, balance, and even age-specific issues.

We also offer a basic beginner class, All Flows Yoga, which focuses on using breath to connect to movement. It is a great way to increase balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina. Make sure you pre-register for both classes and please bring your own mat.

Kids are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. Creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional, and even health benefits. Abrakadoodle is always on the cutting edge with new and exciting art lessons! Specialty art classes allow kids the opportunity to focus upon one aspect of art such as painting, drawing, design, or history. Pre-register to join our class on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm.  Open your imagination and learn a bit of history along the way.

Looking to move during this winter season? Zumba and REFIT can get you off the couch and hitting the dance floor. Groove to your favorite tunes and dance all your cares away. This is a great workout for your heart, body, and soul. So, grab your tennis shoes, and let’s get to work! Pre-registration is required.

No matter what you do this holiday season, just surround yourself with positivity. This has been a hard year, and we are all ready to ring in a new year!

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