Be a Truth Seeker

By Lillie Birch

Are your eyes open? Can you see what is happening in our state, our country, our world? Can you see the division of human beings? The way everyone has been turned into walking germ spreaders, and care and concern for others has gone out the window?

It brings to mind a lion pride hunting their prey. The hunters look for the outliers, the ones they can separate from the herd so they can destroy them. This world is at war and the only ones that seem to realize it are the enemy. They have us all separated, both physically and psychologically. And they are winning.

I do not know about you, but from my perspective, we have allowed this whole debacle to take away our spirit. The spirit of loving your neighbor, looking out for each other, and helping pick each other up when we are down. If there is any hope for healing in this nation and this planet, we have to accept the fact that we all die…somehow, some day, we will all die of something. Living in fear of our fellow man and separating ourselves from life is not helpful. It is only helping those in power who want to control us and take away our freedoms, enslaving us to a system of fear and hatred.

We should not allow it to happen. It will continue until we open our eyes to the truth. But what is truth? These days, truth is considered relative by many. There is absolute truth. It is found in the Word of God…The Bible. In it there is everything we need for life and godliness. Everything we need for a hope and a future. For loving our neighbors. For understanding our need for a Savior and for extending grace to others.

Without absolute truth, we find ourselves exactly where we are…hopeless and fearful as the world seemingly crumbles. Our culture denies absolute truth at every turn. The new phrase is “my truth” which is always relative and subject to ones own feelings and perceptions. It is the idea that something can be true for me even it if is not true for you. While we as humans do have separate opinions and experiences, we do not get to decide what is truth and what is not. Something either is or it is not.

We need to find our way back to a standard of truth as a people group. We need to stop being so worried about how someone will perceive something and be driven by a commitment to truthfulness and facts at every level of life. We need to hold ourselves to this standard with our family and friends. We need to hold others to this standard, especially the leadership of our country, our state, our schools, etc.

If we do not stand up and turn back to truth, we will fall completely. I believe there is still a glimmer of hope to restore the spirit of our nation and the spirit of truth. But no matter what happens in our government and our day-to-day lives, this world is coming to an end. One day human history will be over. But our souls live on forever. Where will you focus your energies? Where will you invest the life you have left? Who will you believe? Will you seek after Jesus in the Bible and pray to Him for eternal life? Or will you keep pursuing comfort in this life? If we continue down this path we are all on, we will look up and realize we sold our souls to the devil…and for what? An illusion of normalcy that was never going to last anyway.

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  1. Ann

    Thanks for a great article I happily shared with many who can really benefit from taking this wisdom to heart.

    • Admin

      Excellent, thank you!

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