Unveiling True Beauty

By Amber Mabe

Modern culture is increasingly becoming a war between self-acceptance and self-care. We are told to accept our bodies and faces the way they are, and, at the same time, we are expected to look like the filtered beauties on social media. Body dysmorphia is at an all-time high as women and men of all ages struggle to find the balance between self-worth and self-improvement while aging. Marisa Faircloth, owner and founder of Restoration MedSpa, is a champion at the front lines of this battle, and her revolutionary way of thinking changes the game for those considering non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

We are often encouraged to improve ourselves in other areas, such as eating healthy, improving our mental state, working more efficiently, and exercising. However, when it comes to improving our cosmetic appearance, there is a stigma that many people cannot get past. Marisa hopes to empower men and women alike to overcome the fear of being judged and to value themselves enough to move forward and get the procedures that they desire in order to boost confidence and love their own reflections. Marisa’s particular gift is seeing each of her clients for who they are inside. “Everyone has an inner beauty,” Marisa says, “I can see that beauty and draw it out. That is my goal: to uncover each person’s individual beauty and remind them of –or even show them for the first time – their true selves.”

This means no one leaves Restoration MedSpa looking “worked on” or overdone. Rather, Marisa’s artful mastery of non-invasive procedures calls on a person’s natural beauty in a way that causes them to look refreshed and rejuvenated. Marisa believes in a deep connection between body, soul, and mind. A person who feels beautiful will also feel confident, and this confidence will spill over into the workplace, relationships, and the ability to reach out to others with joy and authenticity.

“To Marisa, each patient is seen as a divine appointment,” says Leslie, a Nurse Practitioner and colleague of Marisa’s. “She uses her secular workplace as a mission field of compassion towards her patients, who are, in her opinion, as much in need of healing as the patients she might find in a hospital. She heals them with her words and her healing touch, using modern day miracle medicines.”

Marisa’s God-given gift is not the only thing that sets her apart from other injectors and aestheticians. Hard work and dedication have given Marisa many unique opportunities. Marisa’s early experiences, born overseas and spending part of her formative years there, helped shape her deep understanding of others and developed an empathetic nature. Marisa was accepted into Wake Forest University’s Bowman Gray School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program and became the youngest person to have graduated from it. That work ethic continued to set her apart throughout Marisa’s early career, as she worked with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, learning everything she could about the structure of the face and skin. After more than 35 years in the business she has distinguished herself as one of the country’s top injectors.

In 2016, Marisa founded Restoration MedSpa, and in half a decade has become what it is today: highly regarded and awarded and bursting at the seams with satisfied clients. Marisa’s heart for her clients and her code of ethics in an industry that has not been known for its ethics has inspired both her clients and her staff. “I work with Marisa because she follows a set of values and commitment to excellence that I appreciate in my life and work,” says Sarah, a long-time employee. “The commitment to clients and their satisfaction is unique for this day and time. Marisa works hard to not only meet but exceed every client’s expectation, and that is why I’m proud to say I work at Restoration MedSpa.”

Some might think that a successful career, booming business, happy family, and a fulfilling ministry as assistant pastor of her church would mean it is time for Marisa to sit back and relax. But for Marisa, moving forward is as natural as breathing. She is always on the lookout for new innovations and is usually the first to bring new treatments into her practice and complete the relevant training. As one of the leading voices in the non-invasive cosmetic treatment industry, she has become a sought-after speaker and trainer.

Her passion for helping others discover their true beauty is something she hopes to share with other practitioners and led her to write her recently released book: Empowered by Beauty. In it she shares her philosophy that people should be able to explore non-invasive treatments without feeling guilty or ashamed. She seeks to train other health care professionals, and she hopes the knowledge and insight she shares in the book inspires others to take up the torch of empowering people inside and out, spreading joy and confidence through their practices. Ultimately, she plans to open a training center in the Triad to further accomplish this goal.

Whether you are considering neurotoxins, fillers, body sculpting, laser treatments, hair removal, or just a rejuvenating day at the spa, Marisa and the staff at Restoration MedSpa want you to know that you are worthy and welcome. “This is the best medical spa in the region, and Marisa Faircloth has by far the best touch on the planet,” says one satisfied client. “I cannot say enough good things about her approach. She knows just how to make her patients feel comfortable while answering all their questions. You come away feeling and looking confident, knowing your treatment decisions were the right ones for you.” Life is too short to waste time worrying about what others might think.

Call Restoration MedSpa today at 336-999-8295 for a complimentary consultation and let Marisa and her colleagues help you love what you see in the mirror!

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