Marco Flores: Local Vocal Coach, Global Sensation

By Amber Mabe

Producer. Songwriter. Vocalist. Conductor. Composer. These are just a few of the titles that adept music creator Marco Flores has held. Fortunately for our community, Marco has added Kernersville resident and local vocal coach to his list of personal titles.

After spending much of his life and career in large coastal cities such as Los Angeles and Miami, Marco wanted a peaceful, community-centered lifestyle for his wife and 8-year-old son. “Kernersville is a great environment in which to raise your kids and establish a close, warm relationship with the community,” Marco says. “We realize how important it is to give our children all the resources needed to find their passion in life.” He says his goal is to find new talent, help local residents who are passionate about music to find their voice, and assist them in developing their own concept. This desire led him to begin holding vocal coaching lessons in his private Kernersville studio together with his wife, who is a talented singer in her own right. “My wife isn’t only the love of my life, she’s my favorite student and disciple,” says Marco. “She’s also in charge of our day-to-day schedules in business and life. She has us running like a well-oiled machine!” Together the couple impart valuable skills to their clients, such as how to keep vocal cords healthy, how to develop an original sound, and even how to refine public speaking skills such as projection and clarity. Marco’s diverse background and decades of experience make him uniquely suited to coach a variety of clients in a broad range of careers.

Over the course of his career, Marco has written over 1,000 songs and has achieved the distinction of 25 platinum records and 22 gold records. He has worked with well-known artists like Il Divo, Selena, Thalia, and Toni Braxton, among others. He has often been a bridge between U.S. and Latin audiences, earning himself and his clients fans from all over the globe. But even illustrious careers like Marco’s have to start somewhere. For Marco, this beginning came at a very young age. Since his early years growing up in Mexico, music has been an integral part of Marco’s life. From as young as nine years old, Marco knew he would pursue a career in the music industry. At the age of ten, he entered Mexico City’s National Conservatory of Music. He went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in harmony and orchestral arrangement, followed by graduate studies in orchestration. During his early career, Marco worked for Televisa broadcasting, distinguished himself during the OTI Music Festival, and was hailed as the youngest conductor in the industry at age 20.

Over the course of the next decade, Marco composed pieces for television, film, and recording artists both in Mexico and Spain, before emigrating to the U.S. to work for Paramount’s music publishing division, Famous Music. From there, he moved to Miami to produce for Estefan Enterprises, producing for artists such as Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan. He went on to establish the Moonlight Music Corporation, which further broadened the scope of his musical expertise by encompassing not only music production for television, film, advertising, and recording artists, but also scouting new talent and coaching rising artists. In 2003, Marco debuted as a vocalist with his self-titled album, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Three years later, he returned to Los Angeles, where he went on to found the multi-media company Latin Beat, continued to compose and produce music for television, film, and vocalists, collaborated with Telemundo, won several awards including a BMI Music Award for Best Original Score for a Spanish TV series, and eventually signed on with Universal Music Publishing and BMI Publishing in 2019.

Marco’s long-standing career and unique opportunities to work with artists from all over the globe make him a rare find in today’s music industry. With his help, Latin music has crossed cultural boundaries and gained global respect and admiration. After forty years of singing, writing, producing, and conducting music in his various capacities, he still finds the same sense of wonder in creating musical works of art that he did when he was younger. “Each person is different and unique in the universe,” Marco says. “So, the music that each of us creates is beautiful, unique, and different from everyone.” When it comes to encouraging aspiring artists, Marco lives by the policy that the worst songs are the ones that are left unsung. He says that even though the music industry can be difficult to break into, and daunting at times, fledgling musicians should hold on to their dreams and not be afraid to be persistent in order to succeed. “Talent is everywhere,” he says. “It doesn’t come with a specific gender or age. Don’t give up on your dreams!”

Marco and his family are excited to begin their new adventure in North Carolina and are looking forward to becoming a big part of the already unique and inviting community of Kernersville. If you are in the Triad and looking for a top-notch vocal coach to take your abilities to the next level, look no further than Marco Flores. Spots are limited, and such an exclusive opportunity is likely to book quickly. “Vocal coaching is very personal and special to me,” says Marco. “That’s why I give special and specific classes to only a few people that are really interested in getting serious about the art of singing or keeping their vocal cords impeccable.” If you are interested in becoming one of the fortunate students to study under Marco’s experienced guidance, you can contact him by visiting his website at, or by calling 336-391-2965.

Whether you are an aspiring artist, an appreciator of music, or simply one of the lucky people to call Kernersville home, we hope you will join us in extending a warm welcome to one of our newest residents and his family.

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  1. Joshua Rodriguez

    Querido Señor Marco mi nombre es Joshua Rodriguez. Solo quería preguntar si usted da clases de cuanto y cuanto sería el costo por sus clases de entrenador vocal. Se cantar un poco pero quiero desenvolver mi voz. Si puede contactar me para demostrarle y escuche mi voz para saber si vale la pena invertir en clases Gracias.

    • Hola Joshua,
      Gracias por comunicarte.
      Comunícate al Tel. (336)391-2965
      Te atenderán con mucho gusto!

      Marco Flores
      Vocal coaching School

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