Teamwork Leads to Success

june-15-chamberby Chris Comer

We all know our town is thriving, but what makes it thrive?  The answer to that question is many different moving parts, strengths, and diversity.  No one person makes a successful business; teamwork within the business creates success.

It is a proven fact that businesses often find work within a team can help energize employees and create a strong sense of morale within the business.  Fostering the skills of teamwork in a manner that will deliver tangible results starts at the top.  Training and growth opportunities will increase success for those who lack certain skills required to achieve the necessary goals of the team.

Open communication is important as well as negotiating, analyzing information, and participating creatively in the growth of the business.  Constructive feedback, support, and positive attitudes are just a few healthy tools that will assist the team.

Tools like: listening, sacrificing, sharing, respecting, questioning, working hard, and persuading are among the most important teamwork skills to master.  When employees concentrate on listening to others, sharing information, and putting others needs before their own, customer service levels and productivity are likely to increase.  This may be because these skills require an employee to strive to improve on his/her strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of the business.Productive teamwork happens when there are clear expectations, there is an environment of trust between employees and management, each team member accepts the team’s goals, and lines of communication are open.  Team building exercises where everyone works together and communicates to meet a common goal are a consistent practice among the strongest of teams.

With the current economic climate increasing the stress of American workers as it relates to job security, nothing builds employee morale more than a good team building exercise.

Successful companies regularly demonstrate their commitment to building team unity, trust, and positive morale among employees in their daily duties.  Without this commitment and the presence of team building success factors, the opposite may occur by decreasing morale and causing friction among the team members.

Team building, planning events, and activities have the potential to bring the people you employ a strong sense of direction, workable goals and solutions, a powerful feeling of belonging, and clear, strategic customer-focused values.

The K-Mazing Race (The Amazing Race, Kernersville Style) is an opportunity for local business teams to have fun, work together, communicate, and strategically think.  It is somewhat of a “teambuilding exercise on steroids”, as John Jonczak chairman of the committee states.  The K-Mazing Race takes place Saturday, June 6 and thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors, and businesses there will be lots of fun to be had as you cheer for the teams!



This is how it works:

  • Downtown will have two sections and meet at the Kernersville Museum.
  • 4th of July Park with have three sections.  Each team will have 60-75 minutes total at 4th of July Park to complete all challenges.
  • Kernersville Family YMCA will have three sections.  Each team will have 60-75 minutes total at the Y to complete all challenges.
  • Team Truliant Federal Credit Union; Team Best Logistics Group; Team Miss Jenny’s Pickles; Team YMCA, and Team Kernersville Chamber of Commerce will all be participating and appreciate your support!
  • You can choose any of the four locations listed above to attend to watch the fun.  Remember, support is also a positive action when teams are working together.  Come on down on Saturday, June 6 from 9:30 AM- 1PM.  The teams thank you in advance.

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