Reducing Waste in Kernersville

By Chris Comer

Reusing and Recycling…two different things, but not necessarily, right? Every day we use plastics, metals, paper, appliances, equipment, and many more materials that will someday turn into something else. Our landfills continue to grow with no additional space to store trash. Why not reuse as much as we can and recycle those things that can be helpful to us and the environment?
Take paper for instance. If we shred paper we do not need, what are they turned into? Well, first of all, there will be fewer trees cut down to turn into paper. You see, after a recycling plant separates paper, it is shredded so much it turns into a pulp. A few things made from this can be the daily newspaper, egg and fruit cartons, paper plates, construction paper, kitty litter, or sheetrock. And you know those notebooks you do not use all of, or old computer paper can become toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and napkins when recycled. Cereal boxes are made out of paperboard. The paperboard can be turned into paper towel rolls and the backing for shingles that are used on roofs. Cardboard boxes are turned into paper bags and new cardboard boxes.

Who would ever know the value of those soda cans and other aluminum cans? They are melted in the recycling process and made into new cans. The same goes for the aluminum foil you use in your kitchen. The cans you recycle today can be quickly made into the new cans and foil.

Steel and tin are separated once they arrive at the recycling facility. Bicycle and car parts, steel beams, household appliances, as well as new tin or steel cans are all products from the recycling of tin and steel.
Glass and plastics are used regularly each day. The amount of glass and plastic we use is most likely a surprise to each of us as our recycling bins get full by mid-week.

Like the aluminum cans, glass can be recycled again and again. The recycled glass becomes new bottles and jars. The item sent to be recycled is melted in order to mold the new containers. Some of the glass is even used to make bricks, paved roads, and sports turf.

Plastics are very versatile and are separated by type. Have you ever noticed the numbers and shapes on the bottom or side of plastic containers? Each type is recycled into different products. Some of the plastic is melted into pellets and make new plastic products. That laundry detergent bottle you recycle may become a bucket, outdoor playset for the kids, or new milk jug. Did you know that recycling a soda or water bottle could result in a carpet, a fleece blanket, or as the insulation for a winter jacket? It makes us all feel empowered that we can make a difference when we recycle.

Please join us in making a difference by bringing your recyclables to the Town Hall parking lot. There are all sorts of opportunities such as: metal recycling by OmniSource SE, paper shredding by Shamrock Shredding, Battery Recycling by Battery Tree, and eCycling of cell phones, laptops, and hard drives by Piedmont eCycling. There will also be a Pill Drop at the Kernersville Police Department for your old prescription pills and the Town of Kernersville will have plastics, glass, and paperboard bins for your additional recyclables.

Piedmont Natural Gas Recycle Day: April 14 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. FREE for everyone!
Located behind the Chamber in the Town Hall parking lot
136 East Mountain Street in Kernersville

Please enter off East Mountain Street
Bring your recyclables by and we will unload for you!

  • Metals, appliances, yard equipment, Christmas lights, and anything else metal, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Shredding-all your paper documents (5 boxes or less please)
  • Battery recycling– all your batteries
  • eCycling– cell phones, laptops, computer hard drives
  • Prescription pills: Kernersville Police Department has a specific drop box
  • Glass, plastics, and paperboard bins will be on hand

*We cannot accept tube televisions, computer screens, paint, or light bulbs. We will have information on hand as to drop off points for these items.
For more information on Recycle Day please log onto our website or call 336-993-4521.

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