Stress-Free Smiles

By Amber Mabe

There are myriad reasons people avoid going to the dentist. From anxiety over medical visits to cost concerns, scheduling issues, or perhaps even an unfavorable past experience, there are many factors patients and dentists alike must overcome in order to create a positive dental experience. However, imagine if going to the dentist was not something you had to dread. Dr. Grimm and his team at Jesse A. Grimm DDS PA are constantly working toward creating a stress-free environment for their patients.

The past year has certainly been one of increased health and safety concerns, but patients of Dr. Grimm can rest easy that their experience will be completely safe. In addition to the personal protective equipment and other practices already in place in general dentistry, Dr. Grimm and his staff have implemented extra safety measures to eliminate disease transmission and make appointments more convenient than ever. These measures include temperature checks and pre-screenings, the option for patients to wait in their vehicles until being called back to an examination room, and even in-room checkout procedures that allow patients to skip the lobby altogether. Additionally, the practice has had a sophisticated air filtration system installed that not only directs airflow in a way that creates an effect similar to isolation rooms, but also runs the air through a plasma field generator, which inactivates germs and viruses as it filters the air. “This is a safe place to be,” says Dr. Grimm, “it is all patient centered. We are trying to make things more efficient for them. We are also trying to make things as comfortable for our patients as possible as well. We do this utilizing cutting-edge technology and products such as the Dental Vibe and the Anutra Buffered Anesthetic Delivery System.”

Not only is safety a priority in creating a stress-free environment, but also the availability of a wide range of treatment options and a desire to work together with each patient to create a plan that fits their individual goals and values. Dr. Grimm says communication with patients is a two-way street, and one of the keys to success, as each case is different. “We do interviews to find out where a patient is coming from, what their values are, and what their barriers to treatment might be,” he says. “We work to develop a treatment plan that is going to be custom fit to them, and work through how it relates to their oral health and their overall health.” Once a treatment plan has been decided on, Dr. Grimm takes the time to educate patients on maintenance and habits that will prolong the treatments’ effectiveness and prevent future restorations.

One of the newest treatments being offered is the insertion of dental implants as an alternative to bridgework and dentures. These implants take some time to complete, but when finished, the implants look and function like natural teeth. Dr. Grimm uses state-of-the-art 3-D imaging technology to collect precise data for this and other procedures, which is then shown to patients on high-definition screens, creating a clear visual reference as Dr. Grimm explains procedures and treatment options. The Vatech Green CT unit Dr. Grimm uses for all his dental imaging produces ultra low radiation levels, making the experience safe while delivering clear, accurate images.

In addition to regularly scheduled appointments, Dr. Grimm feels it is important to reserve time for emergency visits. Patients in pain do not need to worry about waiting weeks for relief. “We try to do it within 24 hours, or the same day if at all possible,” says Practice Manager Bryan Macy. “It is important to Dr. Grimm that he tries to have that availability and provide that service to the community.”

It is no surprise that such a commitment to patient comfort and professional results has caused the practice to grow exponentially over the years. In an effort to better serve both returning and new patients alike, Dr. Grimm has teamed with Dr. B. Price, DMD who has joined as an associate in the practice. Dr. Price, who graduated Magna Cum Laude from NC State University, received a Dental Doctorate from East Carolina University, and completed his residency through NYU has been a great addition to the team. He says positive early dental experiences and the opportunity to shadow dental practitioners in high school encouraged him to follow dentistry as a career path. Dr. Price believes that being a team player and listening to a patient’s concerns are important in creating an environment of trust and a positive visit to the dentist. “It is really a privilege to treat patients and it is not one that I or any other professional should take lightly,” says Dr. Price. “You are in somebody’s personal space and asking them a bunch of questions about their daily life, so I try to be respectful of that.”

The care that Dr. Grimm and his team provide for the community stretches beyond the treatment rooms and out into the community through involvement with various charitable organizations and special programs. In the past, they have collaborated with organizations such as Pinedale Christian Church and their Foot Bridge benefiting veterans, Shepherd’s Care’s dental bus, the North Carolina Dental Society, and the Missions of Mercy mobile dental clinics providing free or low-cost dental care to members of the community. Dr. Grimm says he and his staff are excited at the prospect of future opportunities to give back to the community.

If you want a confident, healthy smile from healthcare providers you can trust and who have your best interest at heart, look no further than Jesse A. Grimm DDS PA. Let anxiety over dental visits become a thing of the past for you and your loved ones. To learn more about Dr. Grimm and his team, see a full list of available services, or book an appointment visit their website at or call 336.996.7770.

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