Helping Home Seekers Become Home Owners

By Amber Mabe

Within moments of speaking with Brian Campbell, it becomes obvious that mortgage lending is more than a job for him. For Brian, it is a passion and a calling. For over twenty years, Brian has been using his gift to help home seekers become homeowners. Now, he has returned to his roots in the Triad, bringing his family and his unbridled enthusiasm for helping others to Kernersville as a mortgage advisor and producing sales manager for Truist Bank. Brian’s vision is to not only help his clients buy houses, but to help them build a sense of home and a legacy that can last for generations.

In many ways, buying a home is like building a structure. Just like a proper building project requires planning and research, a successful home buying experience usually begins with a conversation between the potential buyer and an experienced mortgage lender. A conversation with a trusted advisor can help allay fears and avoid disappointment or discouragement down the road by building realistic parameters and building confidence through education on the home buying process. “My personal purpose in life is to help others with the cornerstone for building wealth,” Brian says. “The purchasing of a home, if leveraged correctly, can mean the world of a difference in somebody’s life. That feeling of helping someone else is exhilarating.”

Brian’s expertise and honest manner leave his clients feeling comfortable and assured, building working relationships that have even spanned generations.

Although a solid plan is a good start to any project, it comes to nothing without a team to carry out that plan. Brian believes that the key to success lies in building good partnerships. One such partnership began early in his career, just after he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Even as a new hire at Truist (then BB&T), Brian’s zeal drew the company’s attention. Considering him to be someone worth investing in, the bank put Brian through a management development program that skyrocketed his life and his career. For the past two decades, he has returned on that investment through his accomplishments and by the many lives he has touched. In the time since his transfer to Kernersville in December 2022, Brian has found Kernersville to be a welcoming environment full of tireless community advocates, open-armed business associates, and skilled associates in real estate and homebuilding. Through these strong relationships and involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, regional realtor’s associations, and builders associations, Brian builds partnerships that benefit not only potential homebuyers but also the community at large. “My gift is to educate and to provide financial services, but I cannot do it by myself,” Brian says. “I need partners. If I have partners and I’m taking care of people and being honest with them, my mission is fulfilled.”

Finally, just like building a structure requires hard work, Brian believes that delivering on the services he has promised with exceptional performance is the final factor in completing a successful home buying process. “If I provide superior care, and I am honest with people, and I can help direct them through the mortgage process smoothly, that is my goal,” says Brian. “That is my vision.” No two homebuyer situations are exactly alike. Because of that, a good lender uses their years of experience and knowledge of the current market to direct a buyer not only in terms of what they can afford, but in forging a path that may include the possibility of future properties and stepping stones that will pave the way to their long-term goals. 

Brian’s motivation for helping others realize their goals stems from personal experience. When his oldest child was born eleven years ago, it sparked a burning desire to build a solid future for his family. From purchasing their first home to the recent decision to return to the area to be closer to family, everything Brian and his wife have done was fueled by the desire to give their children a bright future. “I want my children to be good to people, but I want them to be happy. I don’t want them to ever have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck or working at a job that they don’t want to. My wife and I are building a legacy,” Brian says, and he wants to help others realize that same dream, regardless of their circumstances. Owning a home is so much more than owning a property. A home provides a surety through the ups and downs and changes of life. Having a place to call one’s own creates a sense of security and belonging that just does not come with a rental. Those with big dreams who may have faced discouragement in the past need not give up on their hopes of creating a home they can call their own. With hard work, education, available assistance, and advocates such as Brian, a dream can quickly become a reality. Sometimes that looks like buying a starter home in order to build equity. Other times, it may mean moving on to the next step by using one property as leverage toward a final home. Whatever the situation, speaking to a mortgage lender can be the catalyst that sets off the chain of events you have been dreaming of. 

Despite the cloud of negativity that often seems to settle over the real estate market, Brian is optimistic for the future of Kernersville and its residents, saying the challenges facing modern home buyers has fueled him to work even harder at helping his clients realize their goals. “There’s no better time to set the world on fire, so to speak,” he says. “I see the sun shining brightly, and there’s a future to be had in our community. I want to inspire others and touch as many lives as I can.” 

If you are considering buying a home, why put off a conversation that could change the outlook of your life? Consider meeting with Brian or one of the other skilled lenders at Truist to see how they can help you realize your dreams of home ownership. It may be the best first step you ever take. For more information, call Brian Campbell at 336-992-6419, or visit his website at

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