The Annual Business Awards

By Ashley Sinclair

The Kernersville Chamber’s Annual Business Awards is an esteemed event that celebrates the exceptional contributions of local businesses, organizations, and individuals who make Kernersville a dynamic and prosperous community. Each year, this event highlights the spirit of camaraderie and collective effort that makes Kernersville a vibrant place to work and live. By shining a spotlight on those who contribute tirelessly to the community, the awards foster a sense of pride and unity among residents, encouraging everyone to participate in the growth and prosperity of the town.

Moreover, the awards act as a catalyst for increased community engagement by highlighting the various ways individuals and businesses can get involved in making Kernersville a better place. When residents see the tangible impacts of local initiatives and the recognition they receive, it fosters a greater sense of responsibility and desire to contribute. This could mean volunteering for local projects, participating in community events, or even starting new initiatives that address unmet needs in the town.

Nominations are submitted by the Kernersville community, reflecting the collective appreciation and recognition of the efforts made by local entities. If your name or business name is on this list, it means you were nominated, reflecting the community’s recognition of your outstanding contributions. Only current Kernersville Chamber members are eligible to win these prestigious awards. If you would like to nominate yourself, someone else, or a business for next year’s awards, you can do so for the 2025 voting period. Keep an eye on the Kernersville Chamber’s website for nomination details and deadlines.

Business Person of the Year
The Business Person of the Year award honors an individual who demonstrates exceptional excellence in business management. This person is not only a leader in their field but also actively participates in the community, showing a commitment to making Kernersville a better place. They excel in business development and customer service, setting high standards for others to follow. This award highlights individuals who inspire others through their dedication, leadership, and business acumen.

John Owensby Business Advocate of the Year
Named in honor of a distinguished advocate, the John Owensby Business Advocate of the Year award is given to an individual who significantly fosters business growth within the Kernersville community. This person is a passionate promoter and supporter of local businesses, working tirelessly to create a thriving business environment. Their efforts help to enhance the visibility and success of Kernersville’s business community, making them a vital contributor to the town’s economic health.

Business of the Year
The Business of the Year award celebrates a business that is not only successful in its operations but also actively engaged in the community. This business advocates for the Kernersville business community and serves as a good steward, embodying principles of excellence in business management. Their involvement and leadership help shape a robust and supportive business climate in Kernersville, serving as a model for other businesses to emulate.

Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award
The Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award is a prestigious business award recognizing a company’s long-term commitment to community service and involvement. The award criteria include sustained service to the community, embodying business values such as: integrity, stewardship, inclusion, initiative, teamwork, and accountability. This award acknowledges businesses that go above and beyond in their community service efforts, making a significant and lasting impact on Kernersville.

In essence, the awards create a ripple effect of positive community actions. It inspires businesses to adopt best practices and innovate, knowing that their efforts will be acknowledged and celebrated. It also motivates residents to explore and support the wide range of local businesses, from quaint boutiques and family-owned restaurants to innovative startups and service providers. This collective effort enhances the town’s economic resilience and cultural vibrancy, ensuring that Kernersville remains a thriving and attractive place for current and future generations.

By bringing the community together to celebrate shared successes and recognize outstanding contributions, the Kernersville Chamber’s Annual Business Awards play a pivotal role in building a stronger, more connected community. It serves as a reminder of the power of local support and the profound impact that each individual and business can have on the town’s prosperity and quality of life.
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