Compassionate Care

By Amber Mabe

Stress is no stranger to any of us, regardless of age, race, gender, or lifestyle. Despite increasing emphasis on awareness regarding mental and physical health, Americans have reported rising stress levels since 2020, many of them saying it affects their physical well-being and quality of life on a daily basis. Fortunately for the Kernersville community, for the last ten years Dr. Craig Hensley and the staff at Triad Family Chiropractic have been helping patients of all ages improve their overall health through chiropractic care that gently addresses the root of physical discomfort.

“The stronger and more optimally functioning our nervous system is, the better our body can handle stress each day. The better our body handles stress, the healthier we will be.”

Dr. Craig believes the most important goal of chiropractic care is to improve nervous system function.
The three types of stress affecting our bodies are physical (bending, lifting, sitting, standing, and falls), chemical (poor diet, lack of water, or toxins), and emotional (the stress of everyday life). While a large number of Dr. Craig’s patients come to him complaining of pain, there are many other reasons to seek chiropractic care. Chiropractic can improve overall health in patients dealing with challenges such as anxiety or ADHD, and can be an essential component in the overall care of digestive issues, breathing problems, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and more.

When it comes to dealing with pain and other discomfort in the body, there are any number of factors that could potentially be at play. One of the things that sets Triad Family Chiropractic apart from other practices is their commitment to treating each patient individually from the very start of their care. Whether the patient is suffering from chronic pain, trying to avoid surgery or medication, recovering from injuries, or simply trying to find answers for a better quality of life, Dr. Craig sees each one as a unique mystery to unravel. Even returning patients will have changing needs over the course of their care. “Working with someone’s health is like peeling away layers of an onion,” he says. “You have to have someone who is searching for the perfect adjustment for that patient that day. It is important to understand that the body is always changing and will need different adjustments at different times.”
Chiropractic care is not simply a career for Dr. Craig. Rather, a life-changing experience while in college spurred him to follow the path to becoming a chiropractor. Having suffered from migraine headaches for most of his life, Dr. Craig’s college years brought on increasingly severe pain that eventually landed him in the hospital. Having found no lasting relief with traditional medicine, he decided to give chiropractic a chance. It was not long after beginning care with a chiropractor that his migraines became less frequent and less severe. “I felt like I got my life back,” Dr. Craig shares. “From then on, I wanted to be a chiropractor.”

When it came to choosing the right place to start his practice, Kernersville was the clear choice for Dr. Craig to create a practice that would be welcoming, relaxing, and a sort of an oasis for his patients in the surrounding area. In July of 2014, Triad Family Chiropractic opened its doors, and in the ten years since then has become an irreplaceable part of the Kernersville community. “We are so excited to have been in business in Kernersville for this long and hope to be here many more years,” says Dr. Craig. Not only has the business thrived in Kernersville, but Dr. Craig, his wife Alison, and their children feel blessed to call Kernersville home. He and his family are active members of their local church, are involved in community sports and organizations, and say they love being part of the Kernersville community. This regard for others certainly comes across in the way Dr. Craig and his staff treat patients with the same compassion and attention to detail as they would members of their own family.

From babies to expectant mothers to senior adults, no one is too young or too old to receive the high-quality personal care provided at Triad Family Chiropractic. Their focus on neurological techniques and emphasis on healing that begins in the nervous system is part of what makes Triad Family Chiropractic truly unique. Using some of the most up-to-date and non-invasive methods available, Dr. Craig and his staff have created an environment of care that takes the anxiety and fear out of visiting a chiropractor. One of these innovative practices is Torque Release Technique. As the only practitioner in the area who is advance certified in Torque Release, Dr. Craig has helped many patients improve their quality of life by using this new and gentle technique to promote the body’s own healing capabilities. “Chiropractic care doesn’t have to be rough or scary,” Dr. Craig explains. “It can be easy and gentle for all ages. The body is made to heal. It just needs a properly functioning nervous system.”

Torque Release Technique uses a specialized instrument called an Integrator to gently correct problems in the spine by encouraging the body’s healing system via specific points in the nervous system. This is accomplished by neurological treatment rather than physical manipulation of the spine. Torque Release Technique makes receiving care especially palatable for people who have avoided chiropractic because of misgivings concerning painful adjustments or injections. Additionally, TRT is safe for patients of all ages and stages of life, so parents can have peace of mind when bringing in infants or young children. The recent addition of a digital x-ray machine provides an added layer of convenience to patients of Triad Family Chiropractic, allowing all imaging to be done in the same office where they receive their care.
Our bodies are designed to let us know when stress is taking its toll. It might be tempting to ignore the signals or attempt to manage symptoms of stress in the body with medication but consider how chiropractic care might restore your quality and enjoyment of life by the essential practice of nurturing your nervous system. If you are looking to improve your overall health and want to find a practice that will make you feel at home the moment you walk through the doors, Triad Family Chiropractic may be just the place for you. From the very first appointment, Dr. Craig will put you at ease with careful evaluations, clear communication of goals, and a big-picture approach to overall health that begins with getting to know your individual needs.

For more information on the Triad Family Chiropractic approach to care, visit their website at or speak with a friendly staff member by calling 336.904.0752.

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