Communication in the World We Live In

socmediaby Chris Comer

In a world filled with online communication, there are opportunities to “get the word out” in so many different ways.  We listen to people at a rate of 125-250 words per minute, but think at 1,000-3,000 words per minute.  That is a lot of information being processed quickly.  Let’s explore some of the ways people are communicating these days, then you try them out and post what is happening in your Kernersville.

There are so many diverse choices from which to choose to share what our community is all about.  Social Media is just another option to communicate, albeit a quite popular one.  Everything you do on the internet has and can be saved and archived from Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Did you know?

• Half of internet users in the UK use mobile internet while out and about.

• 100% of the top 10,000 family names are already registered as domain names.

• 5.8% of Bloggers earn enough to support a family.

• There are 2.7 trillion searches on Google each month.

• Most employers now view online degrees as the equivalent of traditional degrees.

• 11.247 billion emails are sent every day.

• A ‘Noogler’ is a new person at Google.

• 26.1 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week.

• LinkedIn has over 313 million members around the world as of August 5, 2014.


So how do we use these mediums, and what does everything mean?


What is a PM?  A Private Message is a way to communicate with someone on Facebook.  This is private, as the PM states, and allows only you and the designee to see the post.  It is hard to imagine that Facebook estimated the number of photos it held at 100 billion in mid-2011.  People on Facebook install 20 million applications every day; it is no wonder it is such a great medium of communication!  Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day, a fact I found in the Downtown Kernersville Newsletter.  Facebook has an age restriction of 13 years old.  One in every 13 people on earth was on Facebook as of 2011.


Do you keep in touch by twitter?  Tweeting is a great way to get and receive thoughts in a quick manner.  Twitter uses the #(hashtag).  Do you know what # stands for?  It is used to describe something quickly rather than using full sentences.  A good example of this is #kvillespringfolly2015 #climbeduptheladder

#kernersvillefiredepartment #somuchfun.  Can you believe there are 119 million tweets per day?


“Pin” things that remind you of Kernersville, or ideas from places that might be fun to do in Kernersville!  Images go into your long term memory, whereas words live in your short term memory.  So take more pictures.


Share photos of what is going on Downtown, and encourage folks to take photos and “tag” us to get the word out about Kernersville!

Print Communication

socmediaThere is nothing like holding and reading a piece of print media.  There are so many options when reading print.  You can look at the pictures, read an article, and keep it for future reference.  These days, many print publications also communicate digitally through websites, apps, and QR codes.

Face to Face Communication

Face to face is a communication skill that we all use on a daily basis whether it is a conversation with a friend, family member, fellow workers, or just at the checkout counter in the store.  We can even use face to face electronically now with Skype and other such sources.  The art of face to face communication will never go away so take every chance you can to meet with people.  It puts a smile on our faces to see our loved ones and to meet new people and build relationships.

I encourage you to check out and update what is happening in the community through each of these social mediums.  There are so many options, use the one or all of them, that best suits your lifestyle and helps you connect in Kernersville.


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