Spring into Kernersville

By Chris Comer

Spring in Kernersville means Spring Folly and time to enjoy our beautiful community. Spending time in Kernersville has never been so fun. Whether enjoying the music as you walk through the streets or enjoying an adult beverage that was brewed right here in Kernersville, there is something to do for everyone.

Downtown will be different this year in a great way! At the corner of Main and Mountain, sit down and enjoy the park with exciting features to add to the Downtown Kernersville vibe. The cleanup of the old gas station at the corner of Mountain and Cherry has also been a welcomed change. These areas have been eye sores for many years. The town has been working diligently to make these areas into something to be proud of.

Why leave Kernersville when you can do so much right here. Shopping, eating, fun and checking off your “to do” list are all at your fingertips.

  • Shopping: There are so many options. Antiques, Art, Consignment, Groceries, Framing, Unique Pieces, Vintage, and many other options to find “just the right” thing.
  • Eating: With a diverse group of eateries there is something for everyone. Sweets, Italian, Modern, Upscale, Burgers, Sandwiches, Snacks, Ice Cream and More.
  • Fun: Rowing Classes, a Park, Museum, and Depot, you can even find a place for a spot of tea.
  • Needs: Tax Preparation, Investments, Bridal, Beauty, Hair Care and More.

So many options that you can make a fun time of it every day, on the weekend, or after work. The pride we have in our community continues to be evident in the offerings that are coming to Kernersville.

Night life has never been better in Kernersville from our Downtown venues to our restaurants on the outskirts. Coming to Kernersville means live music, great food, home brewed beer and a welcoming atmosphere. Take some time to venture out in the evenings and on the weekends. There is live music, game nights, create your own options and art just to name a few.

Any day of the week our Downtown has something going on. The diverse shops and merchant offerings afford something for everyone! You can stay the day or the weekend.

With over 130 spots to shop, eat, and enjoy why go anywhere else? Or a better question to ask, why not invite your friends to “Yourville”, in downtown Kernersville. Visit www.KernersvilleNC.com to learn more.


Alford Investments 25th Annual Kernersville Spring Folly

May 5, 6, 7 in Downtown Kernersville!

Friday: May 5, 6PM-10 PM

StormGuard Saturday: May 6, 10 AM-10PM

Caterpillar Sunday in the Park: May 7, 1 PM-6 PM

Music at the Amanzi Marble and Granite Main Stage and metroPCS Harmon Park Stage, Activities on North Main and at the Park, Tiny House Village on North Main and Captain Jim Magic in Town Hall Courtyard

Petting Zoo, Water Wars, and Face Painting on South Main

Heritage Square on West Mountain

North Main Entertainment Area on Saturday with the Gold Medal BMX Shows at 12 PM, 2:30 PM, 5:30PM

For more information go to: www.KernersvilleSpringFolly.com and please use the #kvillespringfolly2017

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