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“When it comes to following through on our commitment to customers and our employees, we truly walk-the-walk, ” stated Ginger Salt, Chief Marketing Officer, while proudly sharing a copy of Piedmont Federal Savings Bank’s Customer Bill of Rights. “Piedmont Federal lives by this philosophy and has done so since the bank opened its doors in 1903.”

In a highly regulated and competitive industry with mergers and consolidations regularly announced, how do you separate yourself from the competition? For Piedmont Federal Savings Bank the answer is do what you do best. As the oldest bank founded in Winston-Salem still in existence, their goal has been a simple one. One that they have embraced for over 100 years: help people become homeowners and build savings for life’s needs. They believe in knowing customers by name and providing a level of personalized service not seen at other financial institutions.

In today’s environment where consumers are overwhelmed with financial options, Piedmont Federal is committed to staying relevant by offering customers simply what they need. Paired with traditional customer service, the bank offers products, services, mobile technology, and programs that benefit their customers in today’s world. They take time to develop personal relationships with each customer to understand their individual needs.

Nowhere is that more obvious than the service you will enjoy at the Kernersville Branch. The customer-oriented, professional staff has a combined 126 years of experience working at Piedmont Federal.

With their knowledge of the local community, they have gained an appreciation for Kernersville’s hometown culture. The staff truly enjoys interacting with local customers in the same community they have been an intricate part of themselves. The long-term and caring relationships extend beyond completing banking transactions, to establishing and maintaining meaningful friendships. It is not unusual to see customers sharing personal experiences and news about family and friends with the Kernersville employees.

A prime example of Piedmont Federal’s local connection is Neal Parnell, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager, who was born and raised in Kernersville and also a fourth generation Piedmont Federal customer.

Neal believes in an open door policy where he welcomes the opportunity to advise all those who visit the branch. He enjoys working with first time homebuyers and assisting them through each step of the home loan process. “I strive to find a way to make others’ dreams a reality and I really enjoy working with friends and neighbors to assist them and better their way of life,” Neal stated.

One of the long standing practices since Piedmont Federal first opened its doors and continues to be practiced today is the fact the bank originates and holds all their mortgages in portfolio, while providing servicing throughout the life of the loan. Our loans are not sold but retained here in our community.

This allows for great customer convenience and also a certain level of flexibility many financial institutions do not provide. For example, the bank offers loans on homes with acreage at the same competitive interest rates as standard size home sites. Another competitive loan feature is when a customer seeks a mortgage loan for a parent or child’s primary home, Piedmont Federal offers the same competitive interest rate and term provided to a primary homeowner.

Of course Piedmont Federal offers statement savings, retirement, money market, health savings, and educational IRA accounts, but they also help the youngest family members plan for their future. Piedmont Federal has established two youth savings accounts to guide all children and teens from 0 to 18. Both accounts offer tips to help increase financial knowledge as well as incentives and gifts to increase savings amounts.

What people are surprised to discover is that for a local bank, Piedmont Federal offers the latest in electronic and mobile technology as well as a variety of full-service and competitive checking accounts that all earn interest and provide free withdrawals at any ATM worldwide. This is a wonderful convenience when you need cash and you do not have to search for a specific ATM to avoid being charged a transaction fee.

At the heart of Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is the philosophy and commitment to treat their employees as well as they do their customers. As Donna Clinard, Customer Care Associate in Kernersville explained, “I really appreciate all the benefits that Piedmont Federal Savings Bank provides to their employees. I do not know what we would do without them.”

As a result, a dedicated and experienced staff provides optimal and consistent customer service. The fact that referrals from existing customers are the largest source of attracting new accounts to the bank is a testament to the overall success of Piedmont Federal.

To learn more, stop by the Piedmont Federal Savings Bank at 505 Pineview Drive in Kernersville, call (336) 993-2156 or to find updated bank information and access financial resource tools visit: www.PiedmontFederal.com

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