A Breath of Fresh Air

by Amber Mabe

Comfort. Safety. Security. These are a few of the things that make a house feel like a home. At Cool Breeze 1250 Heating and Cooling, Stephen and Kesia Bagby and their team help families in the Triad create a comfortable, healthy atmosphere in their homes and businesses that goes far beyond heating and air conditioning.

The Bagbys and their team of technicians work hard to stay on the cutting edge of home comfort technology and energy efficiency while still providing a personal, family business experience. “We definitely believe in transparency, and in offering world-class customer service,” Kesia says, “we want to make the experience as pleasant and as pain-free as possible.”

As cooler fall weather comes to the Triad, Kesia says now is the time to be looking at your home’s heating and duct systems. Cool Breeze 1250 offers tune-ups, duct cleaning, air quality testing, and system repairs. They will soon be offering full home performance audits. These inspections will help to pinpoint duct leaks, determine problems with insulation in a home’s attic or basement, and analyze performance of the home. Such proactive measures can greatly improve your home’s atmosphere. Stephen and Kesia place a large emphasis on educating homeowners to see their homes as a whole system, rather than focusing on each component individually. “It all has to work together.” Kesia says, “If you just change out one component, there is still the rest that needs to work together. So what this means is, even if you buy the best, most energy efficient system, if it does not have a correctly designed duct system, it is not going to heat or cool your house properly. It can cause premature failure of units and your energy bill can still be more than it should be.”

Not only do the people at Cool Breeze 1250 care about their clients’ comfort, they also place a huge importance on safety. One of the things Kesia hopes to do this year is work with the community to raise awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year, especially in the winter, people are killed or seriously injured from carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes. This can be easily prevented by regularly testing carbon monoxide alarms, inspecting for leaks, and exercising caution when using any equipment that puts off harmful gases. Many of the new internet enabled systems that Stephen and his team install include remote monitoring and phone alerts. These systems are able to send alerts directly to Cool Breeze 1250 when a component begins to function incorrectly and can be set up to include smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that can pinpoint which rooms are being affected by harmful gases and notify homeowners.

Stephen and Kesia also work to protect the health and safety of their clients by offering air cleaners and filters that can reduce allergens and help those who suffer from asthma or allergies. They want homeowners to be educated about potentially dangerous chemicals that can be released through off-gassing of construction materials or furniture and ensure that fresh air is flowing into their system. These are just a few of the ways the Bagbys go the extra mile in looking out for their clients. Lydia Bagby, Stephen’s mother and bookkeeper for Cool Breeze 1250, says Kesia and Stephen have a unique way of making customers feel like they are being taken care of like family. “They very much want to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and try to treat them like they would want to be treated, as much as is feasible in a business.”

Cool Breeze 1250 has come a long way since its early days when Stephen and Kesia started it as newlyweds 16 years ago from their home in California. Since then they have grown their family, overcome health issues, made a cross-country move, and have undergone many changes in the business before settling in the location they are in today. They have grown to include nearly a dozen full-time and part-time employees, many of which bring valuable HVAC experience to the company. One of those employees is Dondra King, who has been in the industry for 23 years and is now the office manager for Cool Breeze 1250. She says what sets Stephen and Kesia and their company apart from others is their attention to detail and their ability to treat both customers and employees as more than a number. “They care about their employees and their customers,” says Dondra, “It is the small things that they do for their employees even, that just sets them so much higher than anywhere I have worked, even outside of HVAC. Little things, like they pay attention to what our favorite drink is and stock it in the refrigerator. You are a person, you are a part of their family.”

If you are looking for a local company that will meet all your home comfort needs without having to deal with impersonal, automated menus and long wait times, Cool Breeze 1250 is the HVAC company for you, says Jordana Bruce, the dispatcher for Cool Breeze 1250. “I think the main thing is that not only are we a family owned business, but we like to keep it local and we like to make sure that by keeping it local we are able to get to our customers in a timely manner. I mean we are obviously competing against larger businesses with a lot more technicians, but it is quality versus quantity at that point.” Things like their guaranteed pricing integrity, third party verification, and warranty assistance are what continue to set Stephen and Kesia’s business apart from others.

Long-time customer Kevin Patton sums it up nicely, “From the beginning I have been very satisfied with the work quality, prompt response, and pricing. Cool Breeze has done it all for us – from annual maintenance, to repair, to full unit replacement – and I have been very happy with their work every step of the way.”

Stop by and visit the Cool Breeze 1250 Heating and Cooling team at their new location at 305 Pineview Drive in Kernersville, visit their website at www.CoolBreeze1250.com, or give them a call at 336.497.1250.

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