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by Heather Wood

Signing up is about to get a whole lot easier when it comes to having fun in your community! Starting in 2019, Kernersville Parks and Recreation will be launching its new online recreation registration system. This new system will allow you to search, register and pay for your favorite recreational programs from the comfort of your own home – any device, any day, any time! Our newest feature online even includes the ability to rent shelters and ball fields. Making sure our patrons receive excellent customer service is our number one priority, and we want to guarantee that your registration experience is seamless. To ensure everything is ready for a smooth transition, we encourage you to build your new account today. To begin, visit www.kvparks.com and click the register button. The launch date will be January 1. Please get a jumpstart and create your account, so you can enjoy all the popular events and fun that Kernersville has to offer!

Speaking of popular events… you can spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly at our annual Father-Daughter dance on Saturday, February 9 from 6:00-8:30pm. Spend an “Enchanted Evening” with us at First Christian Church, while enjoying music, dancing, light hors-d’oeuvres and lasting memories that you will never forget! No one is too old for a fairytale, so we encourage all ages to attend. Tickets are limited and available for purchase on January 3. To order, visit www.kvparks.comTickets will not be sold at the door. Hurry, your magical night awaits!

Kernersville Parks and Recreation winter and spring recreation line-up offers many opportunities to get out and stay active during the colder months. Our recreation center is jam-packed with activities and programs that inspire people of all ages to get fit, be creative, learn something new, and make friends along the way. Embrace winter and don’t get cold feet! Try something new and take advantage of the opportunities available in our town. Have a fun, safe, and active season! To register for any of the classes below visit www.kvparks.com.

Strive for progress, not perfection. As we age, we may find ourselves having to deal with stiff joints, a sore neck, an achy back or less stamina than before. Pain and stiffness tend to discourage people from exercising. However, without exercise, joints can become stiffer and even more painful. But what if you could learn the brain’s natural way of healing to improve balance, stability, and ease of movement? T’ai Chi classes may be the answer. These classes will consist of fluid, gentle, and graceful circular movements, slow and relaxed in tempo.   Come give your body and mind the sensory feedback it needs to learn the best way to improve with our T’ai Chi for Arthritis and Fall-Prevention classes.

Try out our Zumba classes to get your heart pumping and your spirits soaring! Journey through a fitness class with inspiring women who encourage each other; all while having the time of your life. Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere. While many of the types of dance and music featured in the program are Latin American inspired, classes can also contain exciting music like jazz, African beats, country, hip-hop, and pop!

Welcome to our dojo. Champions in Motion Karate class will primarily focus on basic self-defense concepts combined with blocking and striking techniques. It includes exercises that will increase strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Students will be taught how to respect one’s self, respect others, and improve their focus and concentration through training.  This class is for students striving to become more disciplined and confident in the pursuit of a sound mind and body.

So you think you can dance? Our Dance Combo classes aim to help provide each dancer with the best technical training for their age and skill level. Classes are taught in a creative, fun, and positive environment. Our goal is to encourage each student to express their dancer within through the art of movement. Dancers build strength, flexibility, balance, confidence, body awareness, self-control, and discipline while also perfecting their skills and enjoying their time.

In a continued effort to keep our community informed of what is happening at Kernersville Parks and Recreation, we have launched a Parks Marketing Campaign. Beginning this month, residents of Kernersville (27284 zip code), will receive direct mail from us. This tri-fold brochure will include our upcoming programs and events for the winter/spring season. This effort will allow us to reach our existing residents and potential new residents. Keep the brochure handy for upcoming registration deadlines and important event dates to remember.  Be on the lookout the next time you head to your mailbox!

KPRD wants all members of the community to have an equal opportunity to benefit from all that we offer. Parks and Recreation Agencies are leading the way to inclusive communities across the country. Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) began in 1990, park and recreation agencies across the United States have made their facilities accessible and inclusive to those with disabilities. Although parks and public spaces are mandated to meet ADA requirements, there is much more that can be done to foster inclusion in all park and recreation programming, initiatives, and health and wellness efforts.

KPRD’s goal is to improve recreation experiences for people in all ability classifications. We are working to create specific recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities, veterans, and older adults. We also want to provide reasonable accommodations and support for current KPRD programs. Casey Wermuth, a Recreation Therapist pursuing a Master’s Degree at UNCG, is working with KPRD to develop adaptive and inclusive activities as part of her graduate assistantship. She has created a short survey to assess the community’s needs and interests. This survey will be available online mid-January, and we want to hear from you! The results and feedback will help us design fun programs for all people to enjoy.

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