Photography is more than just capturing a memory. It is the experience of making a memory that is worth capturing. And one such memory, that all hold dear, is graduating from high school. This is the turning point in many lives, where sons and daughters start their journey towards adulthood. It is a time parents both cherish and dread–their children spreading their wings and leaving the nest. No matter where on the spectrum any parent falls, it is a precious memory that should be captured accordingly.

That is where Gina Childress comes in. She specializes in on-location high school senior portraits. She is also the only Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in the Kernersville area. In fact, a mere 3% of photographers in the US carry her certification. For Gina, like most parents, it all started with her children. She did not want to lose those treasured moments as they grew older. So she dove into the world of photography, joining the state and national photography associations and learning from the best. That was seventeen years ago. Now, she owns Picture This Photography, delivering the Triad’s highest quality portraits.

Many photographers in the Triad area “shoot and burn.” This means they have a photo shoot, burn the images to a USB, and call it a day. There is no planning, prep, or post-editing. Gina, on the other hand, goes above and beyond. “I took an intensive course of study to earn my certification. I was tested and my submissions were judged by a board before I could pass the exam. This very specific training and knowledge makes a huge difference when it comes to delivering beautiful portraits.”

On paper she stands out, but most importantly Gina loves what she does and strives to make each person feel special and comfortable during their time together. “Whether it is high school seniors, families, or professional headshots, I’m going to make sure I exceed your expectations. During a session, I pay attention to every detail. I concentrate on natural posing and perfect lighting that reveals the nicest characteristics of each client. The goal is to create a timeless portrait with beautiful edits–not trendy styles that will date your portrait in years to come.”

Gina takes the time to carefully craft each session to the person’s aura. She explained, “I’ll get to know your high school senior and together decide on the clothing and settings that best capture their personality.” A recent senior client was the starting pitcher for his school baseball team and also felt that an urban vibe best captured his personality. The session started in different downtown settings with three outfit changes and ended nearby at his school baseball field. Gina knows that making time for variety will best capture the senior’s personality. She designs the experience beforehand so that once her clients arrive to the portrait session, all of the planning is complete and everyone is free to be creative and have fun.

Amy Tabor hired Gina for her daughter Kailyn’s senior portraits. Amy explained, “One of the things that really impressed me about Gina was the amount of communication prior to the portrait session. She was very involved in the details, but at the same time wanted Kailyn’s input for outfits, type of location, etc. That was great because the images expressed Kailyn’s character. During the times we spoke, Gina took into consideration Kailyn’s wishes, needs, desires, and coupled that with her own knowledge of ideal locations, which colors work best together, time of day, and so on. Gina made us part of the process. We had a lot of control and also knew that she was putting us in the best settings to make for a great session.”

Gina says that one of her passions in life is to help people see the beauty in themselves and to cherish their own unique traits. She views every senior portrait client as the individual he or she is. She approaches each photography session accordingly. “I consider it such an honor to document this very special time for both the high school senior and family,” Gina added. “I cannot emphasize enough how important senior portraits are. Parents need to remember that pictures of your high school senior are the last opportunity for a professional portrait before they spread their wings. It is a precious milestone to remember before they go headstrong into the real world.”

In addition to mounted portraits, desk prints, and custom graduation announcements, Gina specializes in gorgeous lay-flat albums. These albums are a timeless keepsake that tell the story of your unique portrait experience and special style.

Weekend sessions, as well as spring and fall sessions, book the fastest and must be scheduled weeks in advance. Schedule your no obligation consultation by contacting Gina at 336.407.8529. To see Gina’s portfolio, visit her website or

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lang

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