Your Neighborhood Hotel Feels Like Family

By Chelsea Pyne

Stepping into the Hampton Inn off Highway I-40, you may be surprised to find the vibrant designs that greet you. It does not evoke a rustic small-town hotel atmosphere; it feels modern and upbeat. On top of its colorful and progressive composition, the Hampton Inn is an immediate reminder of the contemporary attitude of Kernersville which is growing, evolving, and inviting.

The Hampton Inn opened in late 2017 and was designed, built, and managed by BPR Properties. BPR has constructed a variety of hotels and neighborhoods across the Triad and South East. Bhupen Patel and his brother-in-laws founded BPR Properties in 1983 with the purchase of their first property: a smoke shop in Staten Island, New York.

Two years later, it was time for change. The Patel family purchased their first motel: a 48-room Econo Lodge in Asheboro, North Carolina. Since their humble beginnings, BPR Properties has continued south and has acquired and constructed more than 50 hotels and developed nearly 1500 acres of commercial and residential real estate. But why a Hampton Inn, and why Kernersville? Corporate Vice President of Sales, Kevin Dowdell explained, “Consistency. Both Kernersville and Hampton Inns are reliable and steadfast. People know they can trust Hampton to consistently meet their needs. It just made sense to build in a place with ample growth and few accommodation options.”

Many residents were excited when the Hampton Inn was built, giving the town more options and opportunities. “Kernersville must keep families and visitors here instead of sending them to Greensboro and the likes. People need places to stay due to our growth with the new baseball fields, updated track facilities, and the Amazon distribution center. So, let’s host them.” Kevin added that the key factor as to why the BPR team chose Kernersville is due to the community itself. “Kernersville is one of those hidden gems. In fact, we have been very fortunate here with the community support. I have worked all over the world and I have to say this Kernersville Chamber is the most potent and well-structured I have ever been involved with.”
Although the Hampton Inn saw a quiet start, Kevin said the last two years have picked up exponentially. “We did not realize how successful the hotel would become. We expected the slow start, but we did not know that our online reviews and the overflow from Greensboro and Winston-Salem would create such a positive impact.” Being centrally located in the Triad, it makes sense that Kernersville is an attractive place to visit. On top of location, the Hampton Inn sports a meeting space, 98 rooms, a pool, gym, and more. The Hampton Inn is happy to host local events that bring the community together. The BPR team is looking forward to continuing its involvement in and outside of the Hampton Inn glass doors.

“It really goes back to community,” Sherry Shough General Manager of Hampton Inn explained. “We love to get involved, to give back, and share our success with those around us. Most of us live in Kernersville, so it is important that we create a positive atmosphere for our families and visitors. We have gotten a lot of great feedback from our guests who adore the nearby restaurants and downtown attractions. We are happy to boost the local businesses in our neighborhood and shine Kernersville’s light a little brighter.”

Chris Comer, President/CEO of the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce said, “Kernersville is really a close-knit community. The Hampton crew fit right in–they have a can-do attitude and have helped us out when needed. Kevin and his team have been supportive and easy to work with since day one. Honestly, they get what it means to be part of Kernersville.”

Sherry’s team of 30 has participated in many community events around town. The W.O.N. (Working with Our Neighbors) Initiative was created as a way for BPR to give back. The W.O.N. Initiative allows BPR hotels to focus on projects in their own areas. This creates pride and ownership at the hotel level and associates see firsthand the difference they can make. There is a sense of pride when associates and teams come together to decide on a cause that is important to them and then assist that particular organization. From partnering with a local church to help feed and cloth the homeless, donating books, clothes and food to the Shepherd’s Center, and more. Sherry added, “We went out to local nursing homes and brought gifts to the seniors who did not have anyone to visit them during the holidays. We have partnered and volunteered with Out of the Garden Food Bank, Boxes for the Troops, and the Kernersville parade. We even had Miss Kernersville USA on our float!”

Bhupen, who now owns BPR with his son Birju, is very involved in keeping a stable foundation for the company to succeed. Sherry explained, “They are an incredible father-son team who know hospitality. Bhupen comes in, walks the floors, talks with the housekeepers–he is looking into every aspect of the business chain. He wants to know how you are doing and if you need anything. This is the only company that I have actually met the ownership, and they come in and treat you like family. It has been very nice working here, and we are excited to be expanding and opening that door to others who want to join us.”

BPR is also building a Homewood Suites off Stanley Road in the Wendover corridor of Greensboro. Kevin added, “BPR is special in that we have such a low turnover. This company is successful because we are managed by a caring father-son team who mesh well. It is just a good synergy. Birju is a visionary for moving forward and Bhupen is good at knowing when to contain. They do not lose sight. We see the activity around us and therefore BPR Properties is growing–so if you want to join our team, don’t be shy. We hire for personality and train for skills. This is a great place to be.”

For more information about BPR Properties visit or to book a room at the Hampton Inn call 336.497.0724. The Hampton Inn is located at 150 Clayton Forest Drive, Kernersville.

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