The Great Game of Baseball

By Chelsea Pyne

Affectionately known as America’s national pastime, baseball has taken a front seat in US culture for over 170 years. It is a defining characteristic of the American attitude given its role in our country’s history along with shaping society post-World Wars. Most Americans can agree, baseball holds a sweet spot within us–and that is especially true here in the Triad.

In fact, we have access to one of the most thorough player-centric developmental baseball programs around. The DiMaria Baseball Academy (DBA), located off Burlington Road in Greensboro and West Market in Colfax, has a unique Travel & Showcase Baseball Program. This program provides student-athletes (ages six to college) with an enriching culture, cutting-edge technology with data-driven solutions, and resources to develop their skills. DBA offers a fundamental foundation and high-level coaching with a dedication to the mental game overcoming any limiting belief, any mental hurdles, and helping the players start performing to their potential. Players also go through physical body development with customized workouts helping the athlete to become stronger, faster, quicker, and rotationally explosive to perform the core skill sets at a high level.

Dean DiMaria is the Director of the DiMaria Baseball Academy Travel & Showcase Program. He explained, “I wanted to chart a course that blended in a priority of positive changes in young peoples’ lives. With stewardship and baseball as the platform, we are able to communicate and help players develop in many aspects of their lives. Our central theme is simply to change student-athletes lives in a positive way. For instance, we celebrate all of our athletes’ academic performance. When they get straight A’s or on Honor Roll, we let them know how proud we are. DBA is there for players on and off the field. You will see social media posts with our congratulations, fitness challenges to keep them active, healthy, and inspired, reminders of proper nutrition and hydration… we are in it for the long run.” In fact, Coach Dean has college players return during summer break to coach with him and continue their mentorship.

It goes to show that one of the most rewarding aspects of the program is the bond formed with players. Coach Dean and all of the DBA coaches are happy they can be a resource to reach kids as a mentor. “I have had guys who were struggling with school work and after having our program show support, they have become committed to academics. This is because DBA does a wonderful job with a player-centric baseball model. We recognize that players are here to reach their baseball goals; we are committed to get them there. Plus, there are so many wonderful life lessons that come with this amazing journey in the great game of baseball,” Coach Dean added.

Baseball mom Katie Godfrey said, “I have never seen a coach who was so invested and passionate about wanting a group of kids to succeed on the field and academically. Fundamentally, the boys have come such a long way. There is a difference between playing to win and studying the game. My son Deacon is a student of the game thanks to the motivation derived from the leadership at DBA. The confidence DBA coaches instill in every player goes a long way on and off the field. Deacon loves structure and regiment–and Coach Dean offers a great balance of coaching through positive feedback, remaining authoritative, and demanding respect.”
Nine-year-old Deacon, now a seasoned all-around player explained, “My favorite part of being on the baseball team is that our coaches expect as much effort as you can possibly give. Now we all have a love of the game.” Katie added, “It is such a refreshing program. We have parents coming up to us from opposing teams asking if our program is always like this. They are looking for what we have–our family atmosphere, encouraging leaders, and an amazing set of core values.”

Not only do coaches and instructors want to bring out the talents of players, but they also want to develop their attitudes and encourage a relentless effort to be successful, competitive, humble, and gracious. More so, The DBA Program offers a one-of-a-kind Customized Developmental Program that aims to improve the athlete’s ability to become strong, fast, quick, flexible, and mobile with rotational explosiveness to compete at the highest level of baseball. Currently, there are five teams: 9u, 10u, 11u, 14u, and a high school showcase team, with plans for expansion in the future. For more details on the available teams, trainings, private lessons and camps visit

In addition to his leadership and head coaching roles, Coach Dean also leads the Private Lesson program, the summer and winter baseball camps, and clinics. For more information or to schedule a tryout, contact Coach Dean directly by phone 336.447.8070 or email DiMaria Baseball Academy is located at 4006 Burlington Road, Greensboro.

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