Helping Women Experiencing Hair Loss Find Confidence and Poise

by Susan Schabacker

he Looking Glass Salon, in Kernersville, is a one-of-a-kind wig salon that provides a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere where women can find a wig that helps them look and feel confident.  Whether a woman is experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, The Looking Glass Salon offers an array of high quality wigs that can help her look and feel her best.  The wigs offered at the salon are Raquel Welch and Gabor brands, which are some of the best quality and most reasonably priced wigs available.

“We are committed to helping women find the right wig that matches their kind of style.  We also want to make sure that their wig fits well,” said Sue Bailey, owner of The Looking Glass Salon, who has been working as a hairdresser for over 35 years.  “It is important that each wig is a custom fit.  You can go outside into the wind and run across the beach and be confident in it” said Sue smiling.

With a scheduled consultation, clients can experience a custom-fitting and explore a wide selection of wig styles and colors.  Gabor’s elegant wigs are well known for their lightweight and effortless feel —buoyancy and volume— with natural-looking highlights and lowlights that add depth and dimension.   Raquel Welch’s line of wigs is salon-fresh and fashion-forward, with versatile wigs that customers can easily style and maintain.

The Looking Glass Salon’s fun, boutique-like atmosphere provides an inviting setting where clients are welcome to bring their family and friends to help them pick out just the right look.  All consultations are by appointment only, to give each client undivided attention and the comfort of privacy while trying on the wigs.

Some of The Looking Glass Salon’s clientele have battled with cancer and are happy to have found a comfortable, private place where they can try on different styles.

“Having chemotherapy can alter a person’s appearance and also use up a lot of energy, and it is surprising how much better someone can look and feel about themselves, after trying on these wigs.  It can be difficult to look and feel like yourself, after struggling with cancer (or any illness), but our clients can look and feel better about themselves when they see and feel how natural and comfortable wearing a high quality wig can be” said Sue.

Women of any age can find themselves in need of a wig.  Some of the salon’s younger clients have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatments or alopecia.  Other women experience thinning hair as they age due to hormone changes or thyroid disease.  The Looking Glass Salon’s goal is to help women find the look that makes them feel their best.

In the 1960’s wigs were made with solid caps that were hot and sticky.  In the 70’s, the Capless© wig was invented and consisted of lengths of fibers called wefts that were sewn to cotton or lace stretch bands.  Raquel Welch wigs are made with a patented Memory Cap©, made of a resilient stretch material that molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit.

“You can definitely tell a difference in the quality of the design—the texture and feel of these wigs —from the natural fibers,” said Sue.

In addition to shorter styles, there are also wig styles and colors available that appeal to women who want shoulder length or longer hair.  The natural feel of the longer wigs allows them to be styled into updo’s, providing multiple style options with one wig.

With proper care, a well-maintained wig can look fresh for years.  Having a wig eliminates the need and cost for treating a woman’s natural hair with a perm or color processing.  Some women keep their wigs for the ease and simplicity of having a ready-to-go style even when their natural hair grows back.

“We want others to feel more like themselves and achieve the look they want by helping them look their best at any age.”  Customers can call The Looking Glass Salon to set up an appointment for a consultation and fitting to find a look that they feel good about.  “It is amazing how much better having the right wig can make someone look and feel,” Sue said.


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