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july-15-chamberby Chris Comer

Did you ever think our town could grow and thrive like it has in the last ten years?  Who would have thought we would have so many diverse businesses located in our town?  It is a great accomplishment that our downtown is so vibrant and exciting to see it grow in popularity for businesses and citizens.

In 1996, the “Kernersville 2020 Plan” was initiated by the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce.  The main goals were established the next year.  The plan initially included 27 major issues and developed 104 strategies to address the issues.  The growth that we experienced between 2004 and 2008 was described as “a significant amount of development.”  This purpose was to intentionally plan for the growth of our town; and grow it did.  Since then, we have added businesses and they have offered employment opportunities, awareness of our town, and quality of living here in Kernersville.

It is a great place to work and call home.  Our business owners work day in and day out to help form the success of our town.  Did you know that some of our businesses are run by just one person?  They love what they do and love the town of Kernersville.  They work in the business by day and do the administration by night.  Now that is a love for our town and what they do.  We are very lucky!

Those employees that work, play, and live here continue to support Kernersville.  Thank you for buying our products and eating at our restaurants.  Continually, our community is loved by so many that work together to allow it to offer the experiences that it does.

There are many events that are here to take advantage of businesses in our town.  For instance, our downtown will hold Sidewalk Sales from June through October.  Not only will the store fronts have sales, but vendors will be selling their wares as well.

Sidewalk Sales 2015 will take place July 11, August 8, September 12, and October 10 from 10am – 2pm.

We will have our annual celebration in Kernersville on July 4!  Per our custom, there will be activities all day long, beginning with the 5k run and ending with a live concert and fireworks.

This year’s concert features The Legacy.  Since touring with Bill Pinckney’s Original Drifters, as music director and pianist, Band Leader Stan Stigall has dreamed of starting a tribute to the legendary groups that he grew up listening to.  Since the passing of his friend, Bill Pinckney, this desire has grown stronger…thus the inception of THE LEGACY!!!

Paying homage to the music that molded multiple generations, and gave Detroit a claim to fame other than cars, THE LEGACY  takes you back to the days of The Drifters, The Coasters, The Jacksons, Earth Wind & Fire, The Temptations, and so many more legendary icons.

Please make time to take advantage of all that Kernersville has to offer.  Why not start in July?  To learn more about these and future events, visit and do not forget to “like” us on facebook at are you waiting for?  Visit downtown!


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