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aug-15-chamberby Chris Comer

Well, it has been a great summer and soon our children will be going back to school.  This means new teachers, new classrooms, and new opportunities to learn.

We are proud our children are in a community where there is support for many things.  Our teachers share of their time, talents, and treasures.  They are molding our children to become our future leaders.  Our schools continue to offer all that they can for our children.  There are times that teachers would love to offer an additional learning opportunity to their students.  It is in these times that they can apply for an educational grant through the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce.

Teacher grants are an opportunity that each of the teachers from all 13 Kernersville schools have the option to apply for.  They range from supplies, to projects, to author visits.   The Eating for Education program, as well as business and private donations make up the funding for the grants.

Last year there were fifty-five grants given to our local teachers.  Hundreds of local children enjoyed learning about butterflies, authors, kinetic force, and much more.  It is a day in the life of a child in Kernersville, NC meaning success for the future.

The day of the Surprise Patrol is always an exciting one.  Grants are given in a large, oversized check.  Both students and teachers alike are excited, emotional, and downright humbled.  For example, in a classroom where the Surprise Patrol showed up, a girl with her eyes shining bright as the group of strangers and the principal came into the classroom asked,   “Why are all these people here teacher?  ‘Because we asked them to help us learn, and they said “yes.”’  Oh wow, this is the best day of my life!”  Clapping and cheering can be heard from each classroom, down the hall, and into the offices.

Over 250 grants totaling $115,000 have been given in our community since 1994.  Thank you for continuing to support our children by enabling further learning opportunities.  We will continue to provide as many grants as we can each year.

Teachers will be working hard on their grant requests when they get back to school this month, since the Education Grants deadline is September 24.  Projects in the past have ranged from Energy Conservation Kits, Document Camera, Solar Power and Wind, Indoor Green House, Hot Dots, Induction Burner, Biology Games, Hands on with Scales and Cylinders, Girls After School Fitness, Chess Equipment, Sensory Area, Reading and Writing Center, Light Table Center, Graphic Novels and Readers Theatre, Lifecycles, Graphic Novels, Go Far, and DSM3 Food Chains and Webs Kit.  Each of the projects allowed students to experience opportunities that will mold them to strengthen our community.

We thank our educators for the hard work, expertise, and time they put into our community through our schools.  Thank you for continuing to support them in any way that you can.  Each of our schools needs volunteers for all tasks, support for the education grants, and families to participate in Eating for Education.



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