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Cover - Bringing Excellence to KernersvilleBy Patty Jo Sawvel

Dr. Nurica Good grew up as a true child of Kernersville.  Beginning her social and academic training under the marvelous mentorship of smiling Miss Mary Mullinax, Dr. Good learned to love the town and its people.

“Miss Mary brought treasures into our preschool classroom and took us on field trips to meet our neighbors.  We were experiencing the ‘world’ of Kernersville,” Dr. Good recalled fondly.  She added, “Every day ended with a personal ‘I love you’ and a hug.”

As she made her way through public school, Dr. Good found East Forsyth High School to be equally rich with opportunities to grow in knowledge and friendship.  Taking AP (advanced placement) classes and assuming leadership roles as president of the Student Council and recipient of the Girl Scouts prestigious Gold Award—future Dr. Good became the well-rounded student of excellence that colleges seek.

“I was not sure how I was going to pay for college, but I kept working towards it.  I was thankful beyond words when Davidson College (rated in the top 10 in the nation) awarded me a full paid scholarship,” Dr. Good said with tears in her eyes.

At Davidson College, and then later at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry followed by an AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry) at the Medical College of Georgia—Dr. Good immersed her head into the books and her heart into helping people.

“In Moldova (near Ukraine) people were struggling to stay warm and fed.  So our dental care was an unimaginable blessing for them.  In Mexico, the orphans were having to undergo all their dental procedures with no numbing—so we were able to turn dental visits into a pleasant experience.  And in Haiti, giving people comfort—a hug—meant all the difference in the world to them,” Dr. Good shared warmly.

So when Raymond Garrison, D.D.S., M.S., founding president of University Dental Associates (UDA Dental), was seeking the best candidate to open a new practice in Kernersville, he immediately recognized the outstanding attributes and track-record of Dr. Nurica Good.

“We are one of only three dental practices in North Carolina that are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  We have a rigorous three-year accreditation cycle and a high level of transparency and accountability.  So I am very careful about who will be caring for the practice,” Dr. Garrison confided.

When he met Dr. Nurica Good, he recognized her path, having traveled a similar journey three decades earlier as president of the Student Council and recipient of the Eagle Scout award, followed by Davidson College and the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.  In 1980, he was called to put in place a post-doctoral General Practice Residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC) for recent dental graduates.  This became the rootstock for UDA Dental—which currently has 19 offices in North Carolina.

Dr. Garrison said, “Dr. Good’s experience in private and public health dentistry, coupled with her exact match of our core values—integrity, compassion, excellence, and commitment—and all bound up with her intense love of people and the town of Kernersville made her a stand-alone candidate.  We are so happy to have her join our team of 50 dentists,” Dr. Garrison said confidently.

The people of Kernersville seem to agree, because even though UDA Dental in Kernersville has only been opened since August 17th, former high school classmates, doctor referrals, and word of mouth is growing Dr. Good’s practice quickly.

Jill Weber, a nurse at WFBMC had put off dental care for nearly 15 years before seeing Dr. Good.  Like many people, past unpleasant dental experiences kept her away.  However, when pain became more unbearable than fear, she went to see Dr. Good.

“She made me feel so welcome and relaxed that I did not even feel the numbing shots.  Later, when she gave me a root canal, I slept through it.  Now, I have a comprehensive plan to care for my teeth,” Jill said excitedly.

Interestingly, when Jill arrived home from her first visit so relaxed and full of joy, her mother announced, “I am going to Dr. Good,” and scheduled an appointment.  Then, when Jill’s boyfriend went in, he was so amazed at the way he was treated by the staff as a “visitor,” that he became a patient.

David Hawks, realtor at RE/MAX Preferred Properties in Kernersville, read about UDA Dental from a flyer that was mailed to the office.  He had been reluctant to leave his former dentist, even though he was 45 minutes away, because he believed his dentist was irreplaceable.  However, for some reason, he decided to give Dr. Good a try.

“I am not a socialite,” David admitted, “but I try really hard to give all of my clients good service.  I recognize good service when it is given to me.  Dr. Good was very personable and treated me like family, so now she is my new dentist.”

Kim Bostic originally went to see Dr. Good because she had built trust over the years as a fellow member of the Dance Fit Divas (Zumba) at Kernersville Parks and Recreation.  When Dr. Good announced that she was now practicing in Kernersville, Kim made an appointment.

“I had been going to the same dentist for 20 years.  When I completed my appointment with Dr. Good—with all the latest techniques, equipment, and knowledge—I realized that I had been experiencing outdated dentistry and did not even know it,” Kim said emphatically.

Some people, though, have been long-term patients with UDA Dental and are happy that an office is now opened in Kernersville.  Such is the case with Charlie Pearson.  He typically drove to Winston-Salem but when his usual dentist was unavailable, he was referred to Dr. Good.

After an examination, she sent him to a specialist within the UDA group, before continuing his care.  UDA is comprised of not only general dentists, but also dental specialists who are within a 15-minute drive from the Kernersville office.  The extended services include dental treatment for developmentally disabled, or trauma patients who receive care at UDA’ s Wake Forest Baptist Hospital location.  As one of the top trauma centers in the country, over 15 counties in North Carolina refer patients here.

When Charlie had an issue with a temporary crown, she first tried to adjust it and then decided to remake it.

“Dr. Good was not happy until she got it right, and she was watching over my care instead of watching the clock.  That won over my confidence,” Charlie said thoughtfully.

When he arrived home, Charlie told his wife, “Just wait till you meet Dr. Good.  Dr. Good is really good!”

In addition to having an excellent location—in the Target shopping area next to Subway—Dr. Good has extremely flexible hours including three mornings when she opens at 7 a.m. and Tuesday nights when she closes at 7 p.m.

UDA Dental is a member of the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce, participated in the Honeybee Festival, is anticipating Miss Mary’s Christmas Parade, and supports the schools through donations and upcoming events such as the Annual Lunch and Listen for Kernersville Cares for Kids.

“It is a dream come true,” shared Dr. Good, “to practice dentistry in the town that helped me become who I am today.  I see my former teachers, my childhood dentist—Dr. Nelson Leonard who was one of my biggest cheerleaders when I was in dental school—and my patients in the community.  All of this reminds me of what a blessed town we live in—here in Kernersville.”


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UDA Dental

1030 S. Main Street, Kernersville



Dr. Nurica Good, DDS

Terri Johnston, RDH Hygienist

Angela Bingham, Practice Manager

April Trakas, Schedule Manager

Casey Thomason, Dental Assistant


  • General Dentistry
  • Accepts Most Dental Plans
  • Hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m.
  • Located in front of Target next to Subway
  • Referrals to UDA Specialist as Needed

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