The ‘Commerce’ in Chamber of Commerce

By Chris Comer

Everyone shares their talents at work, at home, and in the community. When we share of our time and talents we feel accomplished. We may receive compensation in dollars and/or gratification. Whatever the motivation may be, this is our livelihood. When we are working, we commonly call them “jobs.”

One of the definitions of commerce is the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale. It can be used synonymously with words like trade, trading, buying and selling, or business. Another definition is social dealings between people. It is only truly successful when everyone works together. The phrase “it takes a village” is true in every aspect of commerce. Businesses come to our community because they know they will be embraced and supported by our citizens who work, play, and raise their families here. Kernersville is well situated between Business 40 and Interstate 40, and will be home to I-74 in the future.

Jobs and employment opportunities follow very closely with commerce. Without employment options, commerce would be hard to come by. Each company, whether small or large, has an opportunity. Sometimes it helps to volunteer to get your foot in the door, however, most of the time there are listings of employment opportunities that can be matched to your interest. In 2015 our region added over 29,000 jobs. This is a big number and there is still availability.

The Kernersville community is extremely fortunate to have industrial, commercial, and small business employment. Not only are the businesses here, but so are the jobs. Some say that there are more jobs than people in Kernersville alone. That is great news if you are a job seeker. Many companies have pages that post job opportunities and can easily be accessed to apply on-line. Some businesses hold fairs or ways to meet face-to-face. In any case, the Kernersville community hosts many opportunities for employment. Resources are available through the Small Business Center at Forsyth Tech as well as on-line.

Being under motivated is a factor that can be overcome by placing yourself in groups with like-minded people. Job Fairs offer an environment where those seeking a job can come together and learn about many opportunities and openings in a “one stop shop” type of atmosphere. The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce holds a Job Fair each year called the Triad Job Fair. Talk about motivation! There are business leaders that are hoping you will stop by for a face to face meeting, and they look to help you succeed by assisting you in finding the best fit for your talents.

The Triad Job Fair is in its 9th year. With over a dozen employers that are hiring, it is a great way to build your network. Success stories are abundant each year as some of those that attend have an interview within a week. Large employers to small employers are looking for a great fit for the openings they have available. From county positions to corporate opportunities, the options are diverse.

Not only is the Triad Job Fair scheduled for Monday, February 29, but the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce also has a job posting page on the website ( which offers a great resource to see what positions may be available. When looking for your new opportunity, be sure to utilize some, or all, of the fantastic resources we have here in Kernersville.

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