Make Your Mark!

By Chelsea Pyne

It has been an exciting year for the Triad Baptist Christian Academy as next May will see graduation caps fly for the first time.  Few in numbers, but mighty in spirit, the senior class of three is eagerly finishing up their final year before heading off into new directions.  Caps, gowns, and cakes have all been ordered; however, the festivities do not stop with the students’ achievements.  The school and church also have reasons to celebrate.

The Triad Baptist Christian Academy has been expanding their programs, outreach, and resources since the academy started back in 2004.  Originally established as an elementary school, success warranted the addition of grade-levels for each new school year.  Senior Kasey Rivers has been with the school since kindergarten.  The two others found their way once word got out and popularity picked up.  Growing still, next year’s class will see 18 more seniors walk across the stage.

Since achieving full accreditation and having their first graduating class, TBCA encourages the students to truly “Make Your Mark” on the community.  “Make Your Mark” became the senior’s theme with goals to become leaders in Kernersville and beyond.  “Mark” standing for Memorize, Apply, Read, and Kneel, instills holy values and disciples the students on and off campus.  Through volunteer work, training for public jobs, practicing good citizenship, and being active and involved, the seniors feel more ready than ever to take on what lies ahead.

So what does lie ahead for the “triumphant trio?”  We set out to get to know the seniors a little better.

Kasey Rivers

TBCA has taught me how to stand up for myself and for my faith and to become a leader for Christ.”

Favorite Subject:  English

Career / College Outlook:  I am hoping to attend High Point University and major in Kinesiology.

Best TBCA Memory:  The basketball game against Grace Academy.  We were down by three and the clock was running out.  My sister Hailey stole the ball, passed it to me, and I made a three at the buzzer tying the game.  We ended up winning.

Role Model: My mom.  She has taught me to be kind to everyone and to rely solely on Christ for help.

Clubs / Activities:  Yearbook, World Action Club, softball, basketball, volleyball, and flag football.

Favorite Book: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Personal Goals: I hope that I can graduate from college and become a sports physical therapist while also helping others become leaders for Christ.

Matthew Spencer

I know that TBCA has prepared me with an attitude of success that will never fail me in life…to try my very best at everything, to bring honor to myself and to the Lord.”

Favorite Subject:  History/Government

Career / College Outlook:  I am still undecided on school, but I hope to major in philosophy and minor in economics.

Best TBCA Memory:  The D.C. trip with my Junior class!

Role Model:  Superman because his character embodies hope and never lets anyone down.  He has the power to do whatever he wants, but he always chooses the right thing.

Clubs / Activities:  Yearbook, World Action Club, science club, basketball, newspaper, and flag football.

Favorite Book:  Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Personal Goals:  I hope to become a lawyer and to one day practice law.

Alex Caudle

I am thankful for the support and love of all my teachers.  They have helped me to grow mentally while looking at each subject through a Christian worldview.”

Favorite Subject:  Bible

Career / College Outlook:  Ministry/Liberty University, Southeastern University, or Piedmont International University.

Best TBCA Memory:  The Dollywood trip in ninth grade.

Role Model:  Jared Hoots because he has been a mentor in my life and has helped me to grow in my faith.

Clubs / Activities:  Yearbook, Basketball, Science club, World Action Club (WAC)

Favorite Book:  The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Personal Goals:  Grow in my faith and spiritual walk with God.  Become a youth pastor.

With such close-knit classrooms, it is sure to be an emotional farewell from both the students and teachers.  Senior class advisor Bret Yates reflects, “God has providentially chosen these students to be the first graduating seniors in the history of TBCA.  I honestly feel that they are a great representation of the kind of students that TBCA hopes to continue to produce.  It has been a privilege to be their class sponsor and teacher.”

Spanish teacher John Hemingway expresses his praise of the students.  “TBCA’s seniors are a great group of young leaders who are always willing to step up to the plate and out of their comfort zones.  They have been challenged academically, discipled spiritually, and pushed to greater limits athletically.  Mixing that rigor with their joyful hearts and positive attitudes, I am confident they will see many great successes as they move on from TBCA.”

TBCA achieved an important milestone this past spring when the school was granted accreditation by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and AdvancED (Southeastern US secular accrediting body).  Over the past three years the teachers and staff have worked to develop documentation that supported the foundational documents and educational program of the school.  After a three-day visit by a team of educators from across the state, accreditation was awarded for the customary five years.

The academy has expanded in other ways as well.  New this year is the transitional kindergarten class.  Academics Director Rheanne Burkett explains, “Instead of forcing reading on them and possibly creating frustration, we give them an extra year to mature just a bit more in a learning environment more suited to their needs.  Then they become ready and confident to take on the monumental task of learning to read.”

For the older students, however, high school just got more competitive and fun.  Varsity sports are now available to the students.  Volleyball, soccer, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, and football are ready to take on other varsity teams across the state.  So we all understand why the celebrations do not just end with the graduation parties for the seniors.  TBCA now teaches in every grade-level including the transitional kindergarten; it has become one of the few fully-accredited Christian academies; and it is developing the Triad Titans athletic department on the court, field, and track.  A well-rounded academy and education at every level.

Triad Baptist Christian Academy is located at 1175 S. Main Street in Kernersville.  For more information about the school visit or call 336-996-7573.

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