Volunteer in your Community


Giving back is what you do best. Sharing your talents and time is so valuable for our community. Volunteering means freely offering to do something. When you try to do good, doing good becomes a passion. Flavia Weeden quotes in the book The Heart of a Volunteer, “Your heart has brought great joy to many. Those hearts can never forget you.”

Volunteering your time and using your talents does not start as making a difference, it just turns out that way. That smile you may put on someone’s face, the kind words they may hear or the beautiful environment you may bring are all things that can make a huge difference. Opportunities and feelings that we take for granted, others find joy in experiencing.

Time is something that cannot be replaced or duplicated. It is the one thing that we have only so much of in one day and one of the most precious aspects of being human. It takes time to read a book to someone, make a craft or just sit and enjoy the outdoors. Being that listening ear, doing a project that would not have been done without you or having the motivation to bring something new are all part of volunteering.

Volunteering can bring about an immeasurable sense of belonging. Those that are increasingly in need of more hands and knowledge and those that are the recipients can never fully repay someone for sharing. You hear the phrase “it is the thought that counts.” Truer words have never been spoken when thinking about considering volunteering and then acting on it.

Building a stronger Kernersville or anywhere, for that matter, requires us all to work together. Our community is one of the best at this. Very giving and mostly answering “we can do this.” Opportunities to volunteer are plentiful in your community. If you see something you would like to do, reach out. All offers are good ones, it is often just about timing and finding the right fit for need.

The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce, among all the other organizations in our town, has many opportunities for volunteering. The Kernersville Spring Folly and The Annual Kernersville Christmas Parade are just a few opportunities. Our Chamber could not and would not be as successful for our community without volunteers. With 240 volunteers assisting over 4,000 hours a year, they are invaluable resource for our Chamber.

Other organizations require just a phone call to check in to see if you can share your passion with them. When we say there is a place to volunteer for everyone, we mean it. If you are interested in volunteering in our community, reach out directly where your interests lie or contact the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce at 336-993-4521. The Chamber is a place that can connect you to many area organizations and help get you plugged in and we have plenty of volunteer opportunities within the Chamber as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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