Finding Peace in the Chaos

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

By David Hoffman

As a father, I begin to worry, “what if I cannot provide for my boys in this challenging time?” They are away from school, their friends, activities, and can get sick and fall behind, but then I am reminded of my own chains that were broken, and that this adversity will shape them and show them what really matters on earth. We can have vacation in our own backyard and quality time that we lose when distracted by the world, by meetings and prior commitments. Kids spell love TIME, so is it possible that we can finally give our kids what they truly want and need? This brings me peace as a Dad.

As a husband, I begin to worry that I will not be able to provide for my wife, which includes being the head of household and breadwinner, as well as the encouraging voice of reason and peace to keep anxiety away. I worry that with chronic illnesses, she may be more susceptible to the virus. But then I am reminded of who is truly in control, and I lean on Him; focusing on quality time together to read devotions, watch movies, go for walks, laugh, pray, and dream. What else matters? This brings me peace as a husband.

As a business owner and leader, my mind wanders for a moment towards wanting to stress out for my teammates and clients, and their futures, but then I recall where the relationships and business came from in the first place. I focus on doubling down on giving guidance, on hard work and wisdom; knowing that they need this now more than ever. I commit to always be honest with them and do my best, even if it is not always enough. When in the marketplace, this brings me peace.

As a Christian, I begin to get discouraged by the inability to have fellowship at church and the thought that some are beginning to question Him, but then, I see our pool out back and recall the beautiful people that got baptized in our backyard over the holidays. Then I am reminded that we
are the church, and many are watching how those who love Jesus are walking in these difficult times, so what better time to show His love? Knowing that He is always present brings me peace.

As a man, I want to be so much more, to give so much more to those placed in my life; including my neighbors, clients, friends, and family, but I am quickly reminded that we have been given more than we can ever deserve or need. I pray for the health of so many in my life during this virus pandemic and am then reminded of who gave us health and life in the first place. This gives me peace as a 40-year-old broken man.

Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, God is watching over all of us and allowing us to unpack what is truly important? To have time and space to come back to the center, where He can come back into play? Is it possible that He is wanting us to recognize what we have been given; the family and friends, relationships and blessings, instead of what we have lost, most of which we do not need anyways?

It is going to be good again, very good again, because He is always good, even if it gets harder first. He is why I have peace.

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