Think Kernersville First: New Banners Bring Change to Downtown Kernersville

By Molly Smith

We are all experiencing unprecedented times, and Downtown Kernersville is no exception. With businesses experiencing social distancing and following new guidelines to operate, the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce’s Downtown Committee put some plans into action to bring more life into our downtown, including new banners.

“These new banners are an opportunity to bring a brighter, more eye-catching appeal to downtown,” says Molly Smith, the Marketing Director of Programs and Downtown for the Kernersville Chamber. “We wanted something that would showcase all of the different and fun aspects of the area: shopping, dining, and eating at our local establishments.”
The banners feature each of those three elements in bright, vibrant colors to catch the eye. Images are now present on the banners that feature some Kernersville favorites: Körner’s Folly, the Kernersville Museum, outdoor dining options, the historic Train Depot, Harmon Park and more. Each has a purpose to serve as a reminder to our citizens to “Think Kernersville First” and support the local businesses in the downtown area.

The new banners were recognized as a need from the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce Downtown Committee and the Board of Directors. Drafts of the designs began in early 2020. Several ideas were shared and the opportunity to showcase the different elements became the forefront of design inspiration. The brighter colors were geared towards encouraging foot traffic and making the downtown a destination for all.

The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all of those who helped with the funding of the banners as well as assisted in the design process. Another special thanks goes out to the Town of Kernersville Public Works crew that spent their time taking down the previous banners and hanging up the new ones.

As you drive through downtown Kernersville, take a moment to look up. We hope you enjoy the new banners and all that they feature of our town!

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