Beating Breast Cancer Anxiety: Plants for the Cure

By Chelsea Pyne

Breast cancer cases are growing in America at an alarming rate. As such, many women have been affected by the disease breaking them down mentally, emotionally, and physically. To combat this as well as to help women cope with anxiety, breast cancer survivor and advocate Navonya T. Jones founded a nonprofit organization right in the heart of Kernersville called The Pink Planter.

Navonya was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018–and without losing hope and determination–she was able to overcome her odds. “Working with plants has helped me transition from feeling like this is the end, to focusing on life and growth and moving forward,” she said. Navonya had a double mastectomy and reconstruction in January 2019 and has since been cancer-free. In honor of that milestone, she delivers free plants to women battling breast cancer. Her goal is to empower women and help them clear away the thorns. “The plants give us hope. If I can come through it the way I did, you can also come through it. And that is the message and the premise behind what we do. It is always forward-thinking, staying positive, and being focused on life because your will is going to get you through the cancer,” Navonya explained.

The mission behind this newly formed nonprofit is to keep the focus on LIFE with the introduction of pink potted plants to help ease anxiety. The Pink Planter not only donates easy to care for pink potted plants to breast cancer patients and survivors, but they also counsel, coach, and empower women to accept their current situation as a part of their journey. In other words, it is a transition period, not their end destination.

In addition, by teaching cancer patients and survivors basic gardening techniques with each donated plant, women are empowered to view their current situation as a chance to grow as they heal–the same as the life of a plant. Currently, The Pink Planter serves women battling breast cancer in the Triad region. Plants can be requested or they can be picked up at designated cancer centers and local hospitals.

The future of The Pink Planter grows brighter as they are receiving local and national recognition and more major retailers are beginning to donate towards their worthy cause. The Pink Planter’s goal is to consistently donate pink potted plants to local cancer centers, hospitals, private facilities, and individuals across the globe. As their donation support grows, they are hoping to filter into different markets by opening small plant shops. Regarding long term goals, Navonya hopes to open a private facility where they can counsel, coach, and teach women ways to cope with breast cancer as well as basic gardening skills to help with anxiety.

So far, Navonya has donated over 300 plants to breast cancer patients and survivors and the number continues to climb. Navonya added, “The life of the plant is a symbolic gesture. The ends of the plant may wilt and their color drain. Yet we snip the plant so that it will continue to live. Our lives are the same way. They may take your breasts, but you do not die. In some cases, you start anew, and you flourish.”

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to The Pink Planter please visit their website at for more information.

Upcoming Fundraisers

“Plants for the Cure” Campaign – Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, The Pink Planter is looking to donate 1,000 pink potted plants to breast cancer patients and survivors.

They are currently accepting donations in the forms of terracotta pots, soil, plant material, or monetary donations to help fulfill this order during the month of October.

For more information or to donate to the cause please visit their website at

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